Autumn Pumpkin Face Mask – How To Do It?

It has long been known that autumn is a perfect season for undergoing various cosmetic and beautifying treatments. Our face is no longer exposed to strong sun rays, the suntan is gradually fading away therefore we can highlight discolourations and smooth wrinkles without worrying about side effects. What is more, autumn is a favourable season for yet another reason. During this very part of the year, plenty of vegetables containing numerous vitamins and nourishing substances can be finally picked up. And these can be used not only for eating but also for preparing home-made cosmetics. One of these home remedies is pumpkin face mask. Are you wondering how to make it? Here is a recipe.

Ingredients for pumpkin face mask

All the ingredients required for preparing your home-made face mask can be find on the outdoor market (a pumpkin), a fridge (milk), in a cupboard (honey) and in a cosmetic shop (coconut oil). You can also add one egg yolk if you fancy. Boil the flesh of the pumpkin. In fact, you will need only two big spoons of it but you can use the rest for making a pumpkin soup. Now, add a half of a teaspoon of honey, milk and the coconut oil. Mix all the ingredients precisely and apply the mixture on cleansed face skin, neck and cleavage. You can rinse your face masks with warm water after 15 minutes of wearing. At the end, apply a light moisturizing cream.

Pumpkin face mask – Properties

In general, pumpkin contains a lot of precious vitamins and mineral substances. To clarify, pumpkin supplies your skin with A, C, PP, B1, and B2 vitamins, magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium, and phosphor. Additionally, this orange vegetable is rich in proteins and fibre.

When it comes to milk, it is not only foodstuff. Even Cleopatra used to benefit from milk baths. What are the properties hidden in milk? First and foremost, milk is able to smooth and soften epidermis. Secondly, this white liquid has purifying features. Thirdly, milk is able to delay skin ageing processes.

And what bout honey? This sticky and sweet substance contains plenty of vitamins, minerals and healing substances. Basically, honey is also know for its nourishing features. What is more, it presents anti-oxidant, skin and skin pores contracting, moisturizing and smoothing properties. Furthermore, honey is a natural antibiotic. It helps with relieving irritations and accelerates wound healing processes.

Time to uncover all positives connected with the coconut oil. Basically, this white substance contains whitening, smoothing and moisturizing features. What is more, it works anti-bacterial and is composed of many valuable for a human organism fatty acids. Fairly surprising, the coconut oil has natural sunscreen that can be compared with SPF 10.

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