Benefits of homemade sugar scrub. Should you give it a go?

I guess nobody needs to be told that using a body scrub is worth it. Still, what’s better – a readymade store product or handmade exfoliating blend? Learn about the benefits of DIY scrubs below. Preparing them really pays off!

After using a scrub for the first time, you will never imagine your body care without it. Skin that is smooth, bouncy, stimulated to repair – that’s definitely something you want to experience.

Why it’s worthwhile to exfoliate the skin?

Scrubs, no matter if they’re readymade or handmade, should find their place in our skin care routine because they aid skin in repairing.

Epidermal exfoliation is a natural process and we can either “let it be” or enhance it by using scrubs. You must know, though, that in some cases skin finds it hard to exfoliate and that’s a moment when it needs our help – with a scrub we can stimulate it to repair and make it look younger and have a nicer color.

Which scrub is the best?

It depends if all you want is exfoliate the skin or fight cellulite as well (in which case a caffeine-rich scrub is a must). The condition and type of skin also matter – normal skin reacts to exfoliation differently than sensitive skin.

Nevertheless, the best body scrub is based on natural ingredients, ideally it’s DIY.

It might be a salt-based scrub (ideally sea salt) yet rolled oats, ground stone-fruit pits or seeds work like great exfoliating particles too. Still, sugar scrubs are the most popular. What makes us like them so much?

Sugar scrub…

… that is a scrub whose main ingredient is sugar – white, brown, cane, birch sugar, etc. It plays a role of exfoliating agent that rubs off dead cells and at the same time massages skin and stimulates blood flow.

You can add virtually everything to sugar – oils (nourishing effect), yoghurt (soothes), honey (moisturizes), aloe gel (freshens), vegetable butter (replenishes lipid layer). The key thing is you must suit the size of particles to your needs – your scrub can be fine- or coarse-grained.

What are the benefits of sugar scrub?

There are lots of good reasons for reaching out for DIY sugar scrub yet there are a few that I must round up. Hopefully they will make you create your own sugar scrub.

You can make sugar scrub on your own

You don’t need much time to start your sugar scrub adventure. At first you only need sugar and some oil (even fine-quality olive oil will do). Next, you can add other ingredients and the procedure does not get any trickier.

Sugar scrub neither irritates nor causes allergic reactions

DIY sugar scrub is 100% natural and doesn’t trigger allergies provided that you don’t add anything you’re allergic to e.g. ground nuts. In most cases, turning from drugstore products to homemade scrubs results in better condition of skin and getting rid of irritations.

Sugar scrub gives amazing results

Making skin smooth and velvety soft is the main reason why you use a scrub, right? Sugar scrub is a master in this field.

Your sugar scrub can be different every time

If you buy a readymade scrub, you need to use up the entire product and then get a new one. If you go for a natural option, you can make a scrub for a single use and always add different ingredients creating new, amazing exfoliating blends.

Sugar scrub is budget-friendly

And finally, the essential thing, that is the price of sugar scrub. Does it cost a lot? Provided that prices of sugar don’t go up drastically, a home scrub is always cheaper than its drugstore version filled up with preservatives. This is a budget body enhancer available for everybody!

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