Coconut Oil – Beautifying features

Undoubtedly, coconut oil enjoys its revival. From the moment it was discovered that lauric acid, which coconut oil contains, facilitates losing weight, accelerates metabolic rate, works antibacterial and makes it possible to detoxify body cells naturally – this organic oil has become women’s favourite. It’s worth introducing it not only to diet but also to hair and body care in the broad sense. What are the beautifying qualities coconut oil contains?

Coconut Oil – multi-purpose beauty booster
Coconut oil in its non-refined version has so mind-bogglingly rich composition that it outclasses most of the ready-made care products available in drugstores.

Apart from essential fatty acids, coconut oil contains an array of minerals (potassium, zinc, magnesium, iron, phosphor and calcium) as well as huge amounts of vitamins C, E and K. In other words, it has everything what hair and skin crave for. This makes it a multi-purpose product which is just perfect for being packed into a suitcase when getting ready for gateway; it replaces a few cosmetics. Minimalism lovers adore this multi-porousness and frequently use coconut oil instead of body balm, hair mask, face cream and under eye serum. Moreover, coconut oil can do much more than we think it is capable of. Hence, it’s worth describing coconut oil’s wide spectrum of application.

Coconut Oil – Qualities

– smooths wrinkles – perfect as a face serum used prior to a face cream, and as a lotion to treat under eye skin area
– delivers antiseptic action – combats acne and reduces inflammations
– when rubbed into fingernails, coconut oil takes care of nail plate and heals up dry cuticles
– conditions dry heel and elbow skin
– takes care of feet (highly recognized for its antiseptic action)
– smooths hand skin and prevents bacterial multiplication (invaluable during travel)
– coconut oil is perfect for being used as a make-up remover since it deals well with getting rid of colour cosmetic residues
– protects skin and hair from the sun
– perfect for massaging, soothes skin and muscles after working out
– is a wonderful hair conditioner
– takes care of the scalp and aids in fighting against dandruff
– sucking coconut oil whitens teeth and helps take care of bacterial flora in oral cavity
– perfect as a balm soothing chapped lips
– coconut oil is an ideal ingredient for producing DIY cosmetics

As it is plain to see, application of coconut oil is so wide that only our imagination might limit it.