Lashcode Mascara – Here Comes the Craze for Lashes that Dazzle with Perfection

The mind-boggling look? You won’t achieve it with just a random mascara, that’s for sure. A product which leaves various unwanted things on your lashes, such as clumps, is a total disappointment. It spoils the whole makeup you’ve been applying so carefully. How to get immaculate lashes? Go for Lashcode – a mascara which never fails and has a flawless applicator and foolproof formula. Non-stop fresh – it is like a perfect makeup artist who is up and running all the time. Incredible makeup and lashes in shape – this is the way Lashcode works.

Lashcode – something more than a mascara

The combination of mascara and serum has never been so effective. There is a reason why this mascara is said to decode the beauty of your eyelashes. In the Lashoce composition, you’ll spot the diversity of nutrients which have a strong nourishing, protecting and growth-promoting effect. What is the outcome? Healthy, lengthy and pretty lashes which keep shape and don’t fall out. Valuable amino acids, plant extracts and vitamins take credit for the strength and unflawed looks of your lashes. Here they are:

  • arginine – natural amino acid which keeps eyelashes hydrated; it adds elasticity and protects from damage
  • baicalein – skullcap extract – it is one of the best plant sources of flavonoids which slow down aging processes and damage, create a microscopic protective shield on the surface of every lash, saving it from the bad influence of external factors
  • wheat germ extract – young shoots are the most strongly nourishing and vitalizing substances; their revitalising power is astonishing – wheat extract intensively regenerates, incredibly nourishes, ensures moisture, bounce, perfect condition and a saturated hue
  • soy germ extract – stimulates eyelashes to grow, makes them strongly rooted in follicles, prevents lash loss, strengthens from the roots to the tips, guarantees elasticity and flexibility
  • panthenol – known also as pro-vitamin B5 – is one of the most valuable hair-enhancing substances. It is second to none when it comes to eyelash repair, reinforcement and hydration. Provitamin B5 gives an incredible shine boost, upgrades lash resilience and enhances the appearance
  • vitamin E, or the vitamin of youthfulness, is essential for hair and lash care because it builds the hair stem. Thanks to the vitamin, you can have lashes free of any flaws – non stop in perfect shape

It’s finally here! A mascara brush that goes along with your needs

Lashcode has a wand which positively surprises with precision and well-designed structure. Its ergonomy lets you create grand makeup on 3 levels:

  1. Phenomenal volume and length – after the very first layer
  2. Effect of multiplied lashes without clumping or overloading; elastic bristles accurately separate and evenly coat lashes from the roots to the ends
  3. Long and defined upper and lower lashes which are ideally coated, separated and combed out – no marks on your eyelids or weighed down lashes. You’ll be shocked how many lashes you actually have!

Lashcode Mascara – what kind of look are you choosing today?

If you don’t like being limited to just one effect in makeup – Lashcode is made for you. It is a mascara which lets you intensify the thickness and length of lashes as well as amp up makeup intensity. As a result, neither natural day makeup nor a bold evening look will pose a challenge.

Lashcode works smoothly – foolproof makeup and precise coating every time you apply it. The mascara lasts long and even though it is not waterproof, it easily goes through the rainy weather and wind not flaking or falling on cheeks… even after long hours. Its sateen-like and powdery consistency keeps fresh for a few months.

Lashcode gathers highest reviews and opinions online – it wins in lots of rankings and has rapidly become a best-seller, tested and recommended by women. A red-hot favorite that will be a hit in every makeup bag.


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