Does hair brushing speed up hair growth? How to take care of hair?

Many women would like to have long, shiny and healthy hair. Therefore, they apply plenty of cosmetics, visit a hairdresser to have special beautifying treatments done, buy dietary supplements, and use special brushes. Will it produce the looked-for effect if all the elements are combined? In the first place, it is essential to know how to brush hair the right way. Only after following the basic rule of hair combing one can apply other techniques of hair beautification and its condition improvement.

It is worth realizing that too frequent hair brushing might influence strands in the negative way. As a consequence, hair becomes falling out too excessively, ends become splitting even more than before, and all the strands turn into being dehydrated fairly noticeably. Therefore, it is enough just to brush hair twice a day – morning and evening. It is also crucial to do not make rapid movements with a comb or a brush. Only due to gentle brushing, blood circulation in scalp can be boosted, sebum (that accumulated in the middle of the head) will be distributed evenly and as a consequence hair becomes shiny.

Another key issue to mention, it is advised against combing wet hair. In most cases, strands of hair are tangled up and trying to separate such a muddle may lead to pulling hair out of scalp. For that reason, give your hair time to dry out a bit on its own before taking another step – applying a product facilitating hair combing. After that it will be better to wield either a comb or a brush through tangled hair. Additionally, due to such a cosmetic, hair will become nourished, moisturized and smoothed as well.

It will be also a good solution to benefit from some gadgets facilitating hair brushing that are available on the market. These are mainly brushes made from natural bristle or plastic combs known as Tangle Teezer. Both the arrangement of teeth or the length of bristle have to match your hair type. Naturally, different hair types require different techniques of combing.

Certainly, scalp massage speeds up hair growth process. You can gift your scalp with such a treatment every time you wash it. At the same time, you will supply hair and head epidermis with nourishing substances included into care cosmetics. Indeed, massage relaxes and stimulates blood circulation in skin cells.

You do not have to tie hair and set fanciful hairdos every single day. Let your strands be waved in the wind freely. Rubber hairbands, pins, and other hair decorations may lead to hair becoming weaker or even worse, such accessories may cause falling out of hair. The same side effect might be produced by tying hair in one hairdo over and over again, like for example, a pony tail. Your strands will rest when you let them down.

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