TOP 7 Must Haves of Every Man

A stereotypical man doesn’t care for his good looks but there aren’t many stereotypical men. The rest needs at least a few products to define their masculinity. Even though the men’s cosmetic arsenal will always remain smaller than women’s, there are a few products that every man should have.

1. Shaving Cream

Beard and moustache make up an inseparable element of men’s nature. Gents who decide on a daily struggle against fresh moustache and beard need a shave cream which facilitates the slide, prevents cuts and speeds up the process.

2. After Shave Gel

If you use a shave cream, you can make use of an after care product as well. Men know perfectly well how irritated skin can get if you remove the face hair every day. The gel doesn’t only soothe irritation. It also moisturises, nourishes and accelerates skin repair.

3. Beard Care Oil

For men who like their beard and moustache: make use of an oil for beard care. Skipping the care routine and hoping for an alluring beard isn’t a good idea. Rubbing the oil in speeds up hair growth, delivers softness and facilitates styling.

4. Shampoo

Masculinity isn’t about unruly hairdos yet it depends on your image, that’s for sure. Every hairdo needs care. Men don’t need an array of masks, conditioners or lotions. A good 2in1 shampoo infused with nutrients will do.

5. Eyelash Serum

What do men need a lash serum for? Most of all, to attract with their look. Women love guys’ long lashes. So if you can’t upgrade your look with make-up, use a different way. Reach for an eyelash serum to make lashes stronger and fuller looking.

6. Antiperspirant

A must-have not just in summer! An antiperspirant or a deodorant. No matter which one we prefer, let’s try using it every day to feel fresh and confident, any time. Sweat marks are definitely the opposite to must haves.

7. Perfume

Women adore men’s perfume. Obviously… on men. Having a favorite fragrance is a good idea – the one you feel good wearing. Use it every time you go out. Men’s perfume doesn’t have to be strong and smell like cologne – the choice is getting wider and wider.

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