The blush that isn’t always dinky. A few words about capillary skin

Blush is considered as a sign of health and beauty. These pink marks on our cheeks appear after taking a winter walk or when somebody has made us a little bit embarrassed. Sometimes blush remains long on our face. This state is typical for the sensitive capillary skin. Learn how to take care of this skin type.

Why does your skin turn red?

Approximately 10% of the human population has capillary skin. In general, it’s a common condition for women whose face skin is thin and sensitive. What do the blushes mean? In short, the walls of your blood vessels are weakened and contract inappropriately. As a consequence, cheeks, nose and chin become a place for, so-called, spider veins. To make the situation even worse, the skin starts stinging and is very delicate. Most frequently, redness appears around 30, but in most cases, the development of the condition depends on the genes. Once being in one’s middle-age, the level of collagen drops down, the complexion becomes flabby, dry and weak.

Spider veins – reasons

There are plenty of other factors that make walls of capillary veins weak. These include exposing the skin to the high temperature, consumption of spicy seasoning and alcohol, as well as mechanical and chemical damages of the epidermis. Frequent stressful situations also contribute to the appearance of spider veins. If your skin’s type is capillary, you mustn’t visit solarium or sauna as it’s suggested avoiding Mexican and Hindu cuisine. Even adrenaline negatively influences condition of this skin type, whereas coarse-grained face scrubs are responsible for irritating it even more. It’s also advised against squeezing out blackheads and pimps, neither kneading nor rubbing the skin.

How to take care of capillary skin?

Choose the products that are able to reinforce walls of blood vessels and protect epidermis and dermis. The best ingredients of such products are: C and K vitamins, wolf’s bane extract, gingko biloba, American witch-hazel, buckeye, the common myrtle blossom and arbutin. Remember that when a strong erythema develops, the skin has to be treated with products of delicate action. What’s also important, dead epidermis cells exfoliation is necessary, but this procedure has to be done with the use of enzyme scrubs only. Quite good results are delivered thanks to electrocoagulation procedure or laser.

How to apply make-up to capillary skin?

Women who struggle with broken capillaries apply make-up using the pointed edge concealers and bases of either green or yellow shade. Products of this color conceal red spider veins and even skin tone. Obviously, the cosmetics have to be evenly distributed all over the face. Once the base and the concealer are applied, you can follow with a super camouflaging foundation to fix all the products with a mattifying powder afterward.

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