Acne and everything that should be known about it

What is acne vulgaris?

Acne vulgaris, or just acne, is a long-term disease connected with skin that affects people between 12 and 25 years old. In most cases all lesions tend to appear on face, shoulders, back and chest. The main reason of falling ill is because of seborrhea. Seborrhea is an excessive production of sebum. In other words, sebaceous glands are simply overactive. The great amounts of sebum tend to irritate skin and clog skin pores. As a consequence, many skin imperfections, such as blackheads or whiteheads, are developed. In most cases genetic, hormonal and central nervous system disorders as well as atmospheric and emotional factors are considered as the major causes of seborrhea. What is more, acne can be developed by intake of some contraceptives, presence of some elements like lithium, chlorine or iodine, B5 vitamin in the air or in food products as well as being exposed to aggressive irritants.

How does acne develop?

Healthy skin produces just small amount of sebum, which is released through follicles. When skin cells become inappropriately grown into each other, they create a kind of conglomerates. These in turn block follicles and sebum from getting out of organism. As a consequence, one’s skin becomes covered with blackheads (a harmless variety of acne). This is a perfect environment for all the bacteria to multiply which leads to skin inflammations. Aster that, walls of blackheads break, their capacity is split creating aching, red acne marks.

How to treat acne?

Acne can be cured by a dermatologist. You can as well apply your own home treatment that depends on putting on face masks, ointments, or herbal infusions. Under no circumstances should the acne marks be squeezed. This action will only make the matters worse.

It is suggested to cleanse face with gels or foams of anti-bacterial features. Basically, it is also a good idea to benefit from creams of anti-bacterial working. What is more, it is advised against using products containing alcohol since it might lead to intensification of seborrhea. If there are inflammations on one’s face, then it is recommended to avoid using face scrubs or purifying face masks. It is also worth bearing in mind to replace towels with fresh ones fairly frequently, or simply dry the face with paper towels. Moreover, one must not touch the face with dirty hands, use a regular bar of soap as well as any other drying-out products. On the other hand, fight against acne might be easier if one uses Yellow Peel, undergoes laser therapy, dermabrasion or cryotherapy.

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