Give a go to: Ziaja, Shampoo Intensive Color with Castor Oil

Polish cosmetic brand, Ziaja, has managed to gain popularity in many European countries. It’s a very rapidly growing cosmetic concern offering beauty products of high quality for attractive price. The thing about Ziaja is that the producers frequently reach for natural substances and well-selected ingredients which guarantee efficiency of the cosmetics. The compositions feature known and proven substances of natural origins. They provide efficiency of delivered action and ensure safe body and hair care.

Especially popular and highly recognized by the Internet users is Shampoo Intensive Color with Castor Oil.

This product is cheap and capacious. The milky-white bottle with a red cap stores 400 ml of the shampoo. The packaging is toned so surely it will buck up all the fans of minimalism who look with reluctance at all the vivid and bold coloured packaging of cosmetics.

The main ingredient of the shampoo is castor oil. It’s a very safe and long-used natural oil which supply hair with many precious substances.

Castor oil helps balance physiological processes that take place in the scalp, it reinforces hair bulbs, combats dandruff and intensifies hair colour. The truth is, many women complain about their hair falling out in galore. The good news is that castor oil knows how to deal with this problem. Owning to regular use of this natural substance, it might become highly possible for those women to start spotting definitely less hair on their brushes. Moreover, colour-treated hair, if exposed to improper care, frequently loses the colour fast and its ends start splitting. Fortunately, castor oil is able to say goodbye to this very problem as well. To clarify, it provides hair with intensive colour and boosts the shine. Actually, this effect would be especially easy to notice on dark-coloured strands.

The action delivered by castor oil included into Ziaja shampoo composition is intensified by a special substance that is responsible for maintaining the colour of hair; it’s called heliogenol. Owning to this doubled power, hair becomes resistant to losing color.

Ziaja Shampoo Intensive Color with Castor Oil visibly boosts hair resistance to colour loss and strengthens the strands preventing their structure from being damaged. Moreover, it’s good at nourishing hair and smoothing strands. Furthermore, the shampoo boosts volume of hair by rising it at the roots. Last but not least, the best effects are obtained thanks to using the shampoo, conditioner and hair mask that belong to the same series.

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