4 DIY Facial Masks. How to Get Rid of Acne & Wrinkles?

Natural DIY beauty care is getting a wider circle of fans day by day. You can take products from the cupboard or fridge to prepare amazing cosmetics. They will let you fight acne, smooth wrinkles, moisturise the skin and remove discolorations. What is the best thing about them? Being free from preservatives, colorants and chemicals. Check how to make DIY masks and enjoy a beautiful complexion.

Anti-acne and oily skin mask

Pimples and shiny skin bother lots of people, regardless of age. You can complement the dermatological treatment with homemade cosmetics. Honey and nutmeg mask is best for acne-prone skin. Mix the ingredients well and apply to the face skin. After more or less 30 minutes, wash it off with cool water and dry the skin with a paper towel. Garbanzo bean, yoghurt and ginger mask works for oily skin. Mix them to create a smooth paste. Apply to the skin of face, neck and upper chest. After half an hour, wash the mask away with tepid water and wipe the skin with a paper towel.

Brightening mask

Natural ingredients also deal perfectly with post-acne and post-sun discolorations. They make the face look radiant and younger. To make a brightening mask, mix a grated potato, oats and honey. Apply the pulp to the face for 30 minutes. Next, wash it away with tepid water and dry the skin.

Moisturising mask

The moisturising mask works amazing if your skin is dry and you struggle with wrinkles. Prepare aloe vera gel, honey and coconut oil. Mix the ingredients and apply to the skin for 30 minutes. Then, wash your face with tepid water and dry it off. The other version of the mask involves mixing smashed bananas with honey; you also apply the mixture for 30 minutes.

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