How to pluck your eyebrows so it does not hurt? Painless hair removal methods

Every time you pluck your eyebrows, you keep repeating in your mind that ‘beauty requires sacrifice’? Stop believing this myth. Every cosmetic procedure, especially eyebrow plucking, can be painlessly done. Discover the painless eyebrow plucking methods.

There is no need for you to suffer for a beautiful look. The knowledge that we have about the different techniques used in cosmetic procedures is enough to make even the most painful treatments, such as the eyebrow plucking, more pleasant. So how to reduce the pain during this procedure? Here are six proven ways that will make you forget about any discomfort.

1. Regularity

The more often we do something, the more used to it we get. The same applies to unpleasant beauty treatments. After some time we’re getting used to the feeling of pulling out hairs. What is unknown is more painful because the pain is growing in our head. It’s enough if we pluck the hairs systematically and often so that out body will get used to the feeling that accompany this treatment. Obviously, it will take some time, and for those with low pain threshold this probably will not work.

2. Stretching the skin

A very good way to reduce the pain involves the stretching of skin around the brow. Just use two fingers of your left hand (if you hold the tweezers in the right one). If you do this, the hair does not pull the skin so hard and the pain is definitely smaller. This way the procedure will be more pleasant.

3. Always after a bath

Another tip involves the time we shape our eyebrows. Namely, it’s best to do it just after having a bath. Why? The skin, under the influence of heat and moisture, softens, the pores open. This means that it’s easier to pull out the hair.

A similar effect is obtained by doing facial streaming.

4. Vigorously and without hesitation

The most important thing is to catch and pull the hair very energetically, one after the other. The sooner we get rid of them, the sooner we will ease the pain. This is why many women prefer to use wax – it is just one moment of pain. The skin which is tortured with long hours of slow pulling out is much more irritated and reddened. Such a procedure should be carried out as quickly as possible.

5. Ice help

Many women recommend using cold compresses such as ice cubes. The ice wrapped in a foil bag and soft gauze can be applied just before the treatment. However, such a compress works best once the treatment is finished. Applying ice to the eyebrow arch reduces reddening and swelling, and also quickly relieves pain, burning also reducing the skin ‘tightness’.

6. Trimming instead of pulling

For people, who despite using all these tricks still feel pain while pulling their eyebrows and are not able to bear the pain, there in an alternative solution. Instead of pulling out the eyebrows, you can trim your hair to give the eyebrows an ideal shape. This is a relatively easy task when you have a handy accessory with a small blade. It comfortably and – what’s more important – painlessly, removes the hairs outside the contour.

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