Vitamin C-based skin products we should all become familiar with. New arrivals & top cosmetics

Ascorbic acid is taking over the cosmetic market. It is able to lessen hyperpigmentation, guard skin from the sun, revitalize and rejuvenate. What products featuring vitamin C are worth a shot? Let’s run through new arrivals, top serums and moisturizers.

Our skin needs vitamin C. The older it is, the more it suffers due to deficiencies of this ingredient. The amount of ascorbic acid in mature skin (already in our thirties) drops drastically and consequently the skin sags, loses shine and healthy tone, gets discolored and spotty.

Vitamin C deficiency in skin

Above all, we need to know that its level drops when we grow older. We lose a lot of vitamin C due to UV radiation too, especially when we fail to ensure sufficient sun protection.

Obviously, we can enrich our diet with vitamin C-rich products. You might be surprised that citruses aren’t the highest in ascorbic acid! It’s e.g. cabbage, cauliflower and pepper. Too bad only when they’re fresh. 75% of vitamin C is lost due to thermal processing.

What can you do to minimize unfavorable deficiency of vitamin C in skin? Deliver the acid with cosmetics!

How to deliver vit. C to skin?

The right skin care is the easiest way of providing the skin with vitamin C: cosmetics infused with ascorbic acid are able to prevent the deficits, effectively revitalizing and making skin younger-looking.

Too bad the choice is not that easy; there are so many vit. C products that we have no idea which one to pick. You should remember that serum with this vitamin has the strongest effect (the highest concentration). Ideally, apply it before a moisturizer to intensify the effect and lock ascorbic acid inside the skin.

Without doubts, moisturizers, ampules or masks fulfil their purpose as well. The key thing is featuring a fine-quality vit. C e.g. pure ascorbic acid or its more stable ethyl version.

Review of the best vitamin C skin care products

Discover new arrivals and top choices with the highest vitamin C content that your skin is going to love!

• PIXI Vitamin-C Brightening Serum

Size: 30 ml

A simple, pistachio-colored bottle houses a really good face serum with vit. C. PIXI Skintreats Vitamin-C Serum keeps skin nourished and preserves its health longer. Apart from vitamin C, it is rich in ferulic acid, and this duo ensures a boost of radiance.

• Anew Vitamin C Serum

Size: 30 ml

Avon has a pretty popular face serum with vit. C in offer. Anew Vitamin C supposedly contains as much ascorbic acid as 30 oranges. Massaging 2-3 drops into clean skin is enough to enjoy younger, smoother and shinier face after 2-3 weeks.

• Sesderma C-VIT Moisturizer

Size: 50 ml

Sesderma is one of the brands that offers a range of products with ascorbic acid. Apart from vit. C serum, Sesderma launched a moisturizer with AX+ i.e. a specially-designed antioxidant complex. The formula is based on nanotechnology which makes nutrients (including sweet orange extract) penetrate the skin. All that for the effective reduction of pigmentation spots and glow.

• Alpha H Vitamin C Serum with Grape Seed Extract

Size: 25 ml

A minimalist container includes face serum with vitamin C in form of ethyl ascorbic acid. In combination with a beautifying grape seed extract and moisture-boosting hyaluronic acid, it creates a highly effective serum for glowing skin. Every time you use it, the serum nourishes and hydrates the skin, reduces hyperpigmentation and increases elasticity. Too bad it is one of the most expensive serums with vit. C.

• The Inkey List Vitamin C Serum

Size: 30 ml

A moisturizer based on pure vitamin C? I want it now! There are cosmetics in which ingredients matter the most: in The Inkey List Vitamin C Serum, it is 30% of L-ascorbic acid in a water-free product. This lightweight serum suits all skin types and effectively prevents uneven skin tone, or pigmentation spots. In a long-term therapy, it is supposed to inhibit oxidation and have an anti-wrinkle effect.

• BasicLab Anti-Wrinkle Vitamin C Serum

Size: 15 ml

It has the smallest size yet houses very valuable substances. This anti-wrinkle vit. C serum also contains ferulic acid, vit. E, sweet almond oil and grape seed oil. Additionally, the product lasts very long because you need just two drops to cover the entire face. If you use the treatment every morning and evening, you will soon notice improvement in skin’s texture, color and glow. Without parabens, silicones and potentially-irritative ingredients.

• Institut Esthederm Intensive Vitamin C Cream

Size: 50 ml

Why don’t you try replacing vit. C serum with a moisturizer filled with ascorbic acid? For example, Institut Esthederm Intensive Cream. This cosmetic will work solo, complement your skin care or soothe skin after a facial. It stimulates synthesis of collagen, delays skin aging process and lessens fine lines.

What about you? Which vitamin C-spiked product are you going to pick?

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