How to take care of dyed hair? Color Minded Sulfate Free Shampoo by Bumble and Bumble

Do you know how to take proper care of your dyed hair? Worth realizing, despite putting on dyes, tints or other products of hair colouring properties, you should also add application of hair moisturizing cosmetics to your daily hair care. Moreover, wearing hats, baseball caps or swimming caps will also do wonders for your hair. Why is that? Let us start from the beginning. Most hair dyes contain high concentration of ammonia – a well-known colour fixative. On one hand, this product gives hair nice colour, shades and highlights. On the other hand, the same substance is responsible for hair drying out, it leads to gloss decline as well as causes hair loss and split ends. The truth is, all tints and hair changing products also contain ammonia. Although, its concentration is lower, it is still harmful for hair. So how should we take care of dyed hair?

Let us begin with some practical tricks that most people are not acquainted with. In the summer, hide your hair under a hat or safeguard it using cosmetics containing sun protection filters. During the winter, moisturise the hair, wear warm headgear and apply anti-static products. If you visit a swimming pool regularly, always put on a swimming cap since chlorinated water is able to make hair dried out as well. What cosmetics to use? The best are the products of moisturizing and lubricating properties. For example, you can give a try to a product of Bumble and Bumble, Color Minded Sulfate Free Shampoo.

The greatest advantage, this cosmetic does not include sulphates, which are the substances causing drying-out of hair. Another positive side of the product, it cleanses hair and scalp delicately. What is more, the shampoo counteracts hair getting matte and dry. Furthermore, thanks to Color Minded Sulfate Free Shampoo ends stop splitting and hair are prevented from falling out. The cosmetic is closed in 250 ml white bottle. For better protection of both hair and its colour, it is advisable to apply also other cosmetics of the same series like, for example, Color Minded Conditioner and Color Minded UV Protective Polish. These cosmetics from Bumble and Bumble brand are recommend for all hair types that have been treated with any available on the market hair colouring products.

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