Taft Ultimate Maxx Power – a real hairdo fixer!

How many times does it happen that your perfectly set hair is ruined by blowing wind? Especially when you are in hurry for an important meeting?

Buns, curls and even the most sophisticated hairstyle will be no longer a challenge for you. Maintaining hair in a proper order depends on the fixing method. The better cosmetics used for hair styling, the longer this hairdo will hold untouched. Additional advantage of products designed for hair styling are their protective features. They safeguard hair against hot air, both atmospheric and the one produced by hair styling devices at a hairdresser’s. What is more, the same features are able to create a special barrier protecting hair from UV radiation and other hair structure damaging substances.

Taft Ultimate Maxx Power hairspray will help in obtaining the hairdo you always wanted to have. The hairspray neither clumps hair nor leaves any unaesthetic stains. Another positive feature of the product is that it holds on fairly long, even up to 24 hours. When we get bored with the hairdo we wear, we can remove Taft Ultimate Maxx Power without any problems. Suffice to comb the hair in order to clear away the residues of the cosmetic.

What does make Taft Ultimate Maxx Power so effective? The composition of the product was enriched with special silicones which add volume to hair. What is more, the same substances provide smoothness and silky gloss. And these are the very ingredients due to which hair is fixed for long. In short, Taft Ultimate Maxx Power creates a kind of a protective barrier which holds off external factors that are responsible for deteriorating hair condition. The same barrier is responsible for minimizing vulnerability to mechanical damages and protecting strands from hot air produced by blow-dryers, hair curlers or flat irons. What is more, the same substances shield hair against destructive influence of chlorinated water. The silicons facilitate combing.

Taft Ultimate Maxx Power hairspray is closed in big bottles. Each of them is marketed with different number, from 1-6. The numbers in turn help with picking the right strength of hold accordingly to one’s hair and hairdo. To demonstrate, 1 stands for the lowest strength of hold, 3 is for medium hold and 6 the strongest one. The bottle goes with a dispenser due to which it us easy to spray the product all over the hair. Mind you, shake the bottle vigorously before use.

Now, even the strongest wind will not ruin your perfectly set hairdo.

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