Face mask. Discover their types and properties

Face masks can be used by both women and men. They bring instant effects, are easy to use and contain a wide selection of active ingredients. Check out various types of masks and discover their properties. 

Face masks – effects

Face masks improve the overall condition of our complexion and have beneficial influence on its functioning. What is more, the effect of such products is aimed at particular skin problems. Masks cleanse skin, stimulate blood circulation, smooth irritations, minimise pores and prep skin for further treatment. Additionally, such cosmetics are responsible for regulating sebaceous glands, healing acne, moisturising, nourishing and smoothing fine lines. What are the components of such products? You can enumerate several, most common ingredients: clay, algae, oils, oxides of zinc, fruit and flower extracts.

How to divide face masks?

Face masks can be divided into two groups: soft and hard. Soft ones do not dry up when after application. They are to be removed with the use of a wet compress. Hard masks come off after becoming dry. These are the cosmetics that immobilise facial muscles. There is also a division of these products due to their form. Therefore, we have: emulsions, suspension, gels and foams.

What types of masks can we encounter?

They can be categorised in terms of composition and effects. The most popular ones are:

  • algae masks – contain powdered algae that after combining with water, create a thick paste. They provide soothing, moisturising, tightening and firming effects. Usually, their properties are enriched with other substances. As an advantages, it is worth mentioning that they are recommended for all hair types.
  • Collagen masks – available in the form of sheets. Their task is to retain water in the epidermis and firm skin. Such products improve skin elasticity.
  • Paraffin masks – are the best for oily and impure skin, Before applying masks paraffin to the skin you should use an ampule or serum. It is designed for all skin types. It has a soothing, stimulating and nourishing effects.
  • Herbal masks – are recommended for all types of complexions. They have a soothing, antiseptic and cleansing properties. They are very easy to prepare; you can use herbs such as: horsetail, chamomile, linden, rosemary, hypericum.

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