Choice of the hair serum. What are contraindications?

You walk into the shop, head towards shelves with hair care products, stand in front of an immense number of cosmetics and… you have no idea what to do and what to choose. Firstly, try concentrated hair serum. In great way it can replace hair conditioner and hair mask. Secondly, put aside all products, which are not suitable for you. Always think of the effects you expect and the contraindications. Why?

Hair serum is a cosmetic with high concentration of active ingredients. You should choose the one perfectly matching your needs. To narrow the search area and ease the cosmetic choice it is best to follow the tactics of rejection. To start, put aside all serums not dedicated for your hair type (e.g. when you have damaged hair choose regenerative serums instead of moisturising, rejuvenating or for easier stylisation). Then proceed to rejecting products which are no good for you for other reasons. This is why you should read composition of all cosmetics?

What are the contraindications against use of hair serum?

  1. You absolutely must exclude all products with ingredients that can cause allergies. Hypersensitivity to any of the components is a reason to abandon your hair serum, no matter how good it was. Be wary of products that are composed of substances that cause you to experience symptoms of allergy. Of course, these substances for everyone are different, and some people do not have a hypersensitivity to any components and may skip this section.
  2. The contradiction to use of hair serum is also vitamin A, but not in every case. It is recommended to avoid cosmetics with even trace amounts of vitamin A in the summer. Why? Retinol does not like the sun, so hair serum enriched with this vitamin can only worsen condition of hair exposed to sun rays (which cannot be avoided in the summer).
  3. Hair serum is usually used as a complementation of everyday hair care with shampoo and hair conditioner. You should compare composition of products you use with the serum you intend to buy. Since it may turn out that they contain ingredients that come together in a strong, adverse reactions. It happens that combinations of some substances result with irritations, allergies or significant worsening of hair condition.

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