Neat, Always Polished Brows with Nanobrow Shape Mascara

Do you want your brow make-up to always look stunning? You need a long-wear product! Nanobrow Shape Mascara will let you realize all brow dreams. See why it’s worth choosing.

Nanobrow Shape Mascara is an innovative mascara for brow styling. The silica-rich formula adds glossiness, nourishes and revitalizes brows, keeping them in good condition.

Choose Nanobrow Shape Mascara for everyday brow styling routine

This mascara will let you camouflage any gaps and sparse areas in the brows, filling them with a beautiful, natural color with a glossy finish. Nanobrow Shape Mascara shapes and sets brows in place, delivering wonderful shade. It provides all-day hold, keeping the desired brow shape. You don’t need to touch up make-up during the day!

Fuller and thicker-looking brows are the dream that is now achievable. Nanobrow Shape Mascara has been made for super-thin as well as thick brows that look messy all the time. The smooth mascara will quickly improve your eyebrows adding amazing shine and leaving them looking neat and well taken care of.

Nanobrow Shape Mascara

The mascara is available in three shades:

Always spectacular, perfectly shaped brows

Nanobrow Shape Mascara will tame the unruliest eyebrows. The comfortable, ergonomic brush applicator grabs the hardest-to-reach hairs and sets them in the shape that you put them into. The beautiful, natural shades will accentuate your eyes.

Pick one of the lovely colors: Black, Brown or Light Brown. With one of the colors, you can get your perfectly-shaped, voluminous brows that look flawless for 24 hours. The arches will look exactly how you dream of. Without any effort!

Brows with the dream volume and thickness

The refined applicator perfectly shapes and tames the hairs. The smooth texture doesn’t stick them together, clump or flake during the day. It stays put all day, protecting the brows from all kinds of damage. Nanobrow Shape Mascara is a must-have for all those dreaming of flawless brow make-up anytime.

By choosing Nanobrow Shape Mascara you can be sure to:

  • Camouflage all gaps and sparse areas,
  • Give your brows a lovely color,
  • Make them appear thicker and fuller,
  • Keep them from falling out in excess,
  • Deliver glossiness and nourishment,
  • Enjoy 24-hour brow make-up without touch-ups.

Thick, perfect brows – you can have them too! Nanobrow Shape Mascara has been made to care for you. It gets glowing reviews and we’re not surprised – it leaves eyebrows looking strong, healthy and glossy.

nanobrow shape mascara

Easy and stunning brow make-up in 4 steps

Brow make-up doesn’t need to be troublesome or time-consuming. You really need only four steps to keep the brows neat and precisely shaped all day.

  • Step 1. Use a spoolie to comb the brows starting from the bottom of the hairs.
  • Step 2. Gently fill the brows with color brushing them from the start to the tail.
  • Step 3. Apply more mascara on the tail for more natural effects.
  • Step 4. When the product sets, apply one or more layers for the XXL-size volume.

NANOBROW products guarantee flawless brow make-up and work wonders for busy ones who can’t spend hours applying brow fillers and enhancers. Go to and pick your favorite brow styling and shaping products!