Time for acid! Skin care after winter

Winter, rain, low temperature, dry air from heaters. All the factors make the condition of skin worse. They make skin become dry, dull and fatigued. Luckily, there is a simple way to restore this radiant and beautiful look to your skin. Go for acids!

What are chemical peels?

Acid treatments are commonly named chemical peels. They speed up cell self-renewal processes of all dermis layers. In short, this procedure depends on exfoliating dead epidermis cells. Cleansed become also skin pores as face is freed from sebum, bacteria triggering acne and other impurities. As a consequence, skin starts absorbing cosmetics’ ingredients that are applied in the upcoming stages of the treatment way better. Who is recommended to undergo such a treatment? Chemical peels can be used by those who have dry skin, wrinkles, discolorations, acne, blackheads, post-acne marks and seborrhoea.

Acid. At home or at a beautician’s?

Many girls apply chemical peels at home. Unfortunately, only few of them do this in the right way. It’s worth realizing that applying products featuring acid for a long time, even if the acid is of low concertation, can do more harm than good to the skin. Therefore, if you wish to cleanse your skin properly, visit a beauty parlour. In this very place works an experienced beautician who, thanks to the acquired knowledge and skills, will select the product that answers your skin needs. In order to support the obtained effects, keep applying delicate peels containing acid or a face cream of low epidermis exfoliating action.

Contraindications to the treatment

Chemical peels shouldn’t be applied to people who undergo hormone treatments, take steroids or antibiotics. Breastfeeding or pregnancy are another contraindications to the acid treatments. Also open wounds, scalds and frostbites disqualify a person from having chemical peels procedure performed.

I’ve just finished the treatment. What’s next?

To get the best effects possible, you should undergo a few series of procedures. The time which has to be devoted to the treatment depends on look, age and other factors connected with the skin imperfections. Remember that you mustn’t visit sauna after exposing your skin to the chemical peel procedure. Also, you need to apply sunscreens as you have to take special care of your ‘newly grown’ skin.

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