Colour mascaras. Which one to choose?

If you are fed up with boring, black mascaraed eyelashes, try out something new. Colour mascaras are just perfect for night-out in a club or a photo session. After all, each one of us likes to get crazy from time to time. A new hairstyle, a trendy cloth, a spontaneous get away with friends… So why would not you change something in your make-up? For example, you can buy a colour mascara to electrify others with your colourful look.

Currently, there are a few colour mascaras widely available on the market. The truth is, no matter whether you have or have not a lot of money to spend on a mascara, there are products for any budget. Tor instance, Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara by Maybelline can be bought in three shades Electric Navy, Electric Teal and Electric Purple. All the colours are suitable for blue eyes owners. Each of the mascaras is able to thicken eyelashes. What is more, eyelashes treated with the product are precisely separated. What is also crucial, Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara is effective and has pleasant scent. Unfortunately, it stains eyelids after several hours of wearing.

Another mascara to mention, Vamp! by Pupa does not stand out from the other similar products. It neither extends nor thickens eyelashes. To make matters even worse, eyelashes are clumped together when coated with the mascara. The only asset of the product is that it is really durable. It neither smudges nor flecks off. And what is the most important, the mascara is available in six shades: black, brown, violet, dark blue, blue and turquoise. Owning to sparkling and silver phial, the package is eye-catching.

The third product to mention is Addict It Lash by Christian Dior. In fact, it works just fine. It curls eyelashes, adds volume and is good and separating the hair. What is more, the mascara is fairly long-lasting. What makes the product unique, is the sphere located on the handle. When it comes to the colours, you can choose among black – the basic one, pink, blue and violet.

Collistar brand has several colour mascaras in its offer. In particular, these are Mascara Shock, Super Mascara Tridimensionale and Mascara Infinito. All of them can be put under ‘decent’ category, since they are good at making eyelashes curled, extended as the volume of eyelashes is boosted just with a single brush stroke. There are also plenty of colours to choose from. We can find shades of blacks and greys, blues, and violets.

Amazing Length`n Build by Gosh is the cheapest product in this ranking. Certainly, the advantage of the cosmetic is the fact that it does not irritate eyes, is easy to remove and holds on eyelashes fairly long. Unfortunately, it is not effective. And is available in two shades only – brown and blue, excluding the black one obviously.

There is one more thing you should be aware of while buying a colour mascara. It is about the manner of putting on the product. The most crucial aspect is to match shade of a mascara with colour of the iris. Remember, the colours should not contrast with each other. The same rule applies to eyeshadows and mascaras. The shades of both must go hand in hand. What is allowed though, try to play with colours. It is also suggested coating upper eyelashes with one colour and the lower with completely different shade.

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