Beauty Type and Glasses. Which Ones Will Suit You Best?

Glasses do more than just fix your eyesight. They widen our wardrobe and brings out the assets of our face. Just pick the right colour of the frame! Learn how to do this the right way to make your new frames be in tune with one of the four basic beauty types: winter, spring, summer and autumn.


Girls of this beauty type have pale complexion and black hair. Sometimes their strands gain bluish shades making the owners look as a real Snow Queen. Ms Winter’s eyes are usually of blue, green or hazel colour. Taking all of this into account, what glasses will suit you best? Choose the frame of cool and fair shades: black, white, grey or blue. Also, you’ll look great with glasses of blue and black or silver colour.


Women of spring beauty type has peachy or golden coloured complexion. In general, their noses and cheeks are subtly decorated with darker freckles. The hair has the colour of pale blonde or blonde with copperish reflexes. In most cases, spring beauty type is characterised with blue, green or gold and brown iris colour. If you’re planning to buy glasses, choose golden, beige, fair brown, coral or red frame.


Ladies of this beauty type have blonde or ash blonde hair. The iris is of grey, blue or brown colour. Complexion is pale pink or beige shaded. For that reason, it’s best to buy frames of intensive but not vivid colours. While choosing glasses focus your attention on fair blue, lavender or pink frames.


It’s characterized by golden shaded complexion and freckles. Girls of this beauty type have brown or greenish hair colour and ginger, golden and brown, or just brown hair. Which frames will suit autumn beauty type women? While selecting the glasses, give a try to brown, orange, green, red or vanilla colour of frames.

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