New technique of hair dyeing – Fluid hair painting

If you get bored with reflexes, ombre, sombre or lowlights on your hair, then give a try to a new technique of hair dyeing – fluid hair painting. Again, it is the latest method of hair dyeing that was invented in one of American (Michigan) hairstyling salons. In general, fluid hair painting depends on colouring streaks of hair in such a way to obtain an effect of smooth colour transition on hair. All the fluids that are used during the treatment have vivid shades and their liquid consistency makes the application easier. Some people tend to say that the final results remind them of mermaid hair. But, have you ever seen this kind of a creature?

How to apply fluid hair painting? At the beginning, hair has to be divided into sections. Then, form each section, there are chosen another streaks, but this time much thinner ones. Next, either all of these or just the selected streaks are covered with a dye of one of a few shades. Obviously, colour of the fluid can be chosen by you, however, the most trendy ones are blond, pink, green and blue shades.

After that, a hairdresser wraps the streaks of hair (the ones covered with the fluid) with a pieces of foil which size corresponds with the length and width of the streaks. Next, another streaks are separated and the complete process is repeated. What is innovative in this technique, all the streaks have to be arranged (fanned out) on a big table. Thanks to this technique, all hair can be covered with the fluid evenly. Naturally, the hair that is ‘waiting’ for the colourization has to be tied on the tip of the head to do not let it mingle with the streaks that are already coloured.

The final stage of fluid hair painting is a special manner of hair washing. The hairdresser should use professional cosmetics that facilitate fusing of the fluids. In other words, only appropriate hair products as well as the manner of their application provide obtaining the smooth colour gradient on a client’s hair. The same products have to moisturise all the streaks as well. Last but not least, fluid hair painting technique is advanced method of ombre, therefore it is advisable to do not do it at home but ask for help a professional hairdresser.

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