Do not do this to your eyebrows. Most common mistakes in eyebrow make-up and care

Eyebrows are a very important part of every woman’s face. Properly shaped and stylized eyebrows can change the face completely. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to take proper care of their eyebrows, hence they make huge mistakes. Check if you are one of them and, if so, learn how to avoid them.

What instead of tweezers?

If you don’t use tweezers and you’re not a real fan of it, remember that you still need to take care of your brows. Instead of plucking your eyebrows, you can use thread or wax. For the two treatments it’s best to go to a professional beauty parlour so that a technician will make sure the eyebrows suit you. What are the two brow-shaping methods?

Eyebrow threading is a method of hair removal which involves rolling twisted cotton thread over unwanted hairs. The technician holds the two ends with one hand and the loop with the other. Then the thread is moved so that the unwanted hairs are pulled out. The second method, eyebrow waxing, is a bit more painful but it gives very durable results. The beautician uses wax strips to remove the hairs near the eyebrows.

The best way to apply the cream

Do you apply eye or face cream to your eyebrows? If yes, then it does not make any sense. Other products are designed for eyebrows and such application of various cosmetics can only harm them. It proves that even with creams there are some rules you should follow. The face cream should be applied to avoid the eye area and, of course, eyebrows. On the other hand, the eye cream should be applied just above the eyebrow and in the place where you feel the eye socket.

Unnatural eyebrows

The latest trend involves eyebrows with sharp edges and clearly visible hairs. However, when doing such make-up, it’s easy to overdo it and achieve a highly exaggerated look. It’s enough to ensure that the contours are not too sharp and the colour of the cosmetic matches the colour of your hair, eyes and complexion.

Do not over pluck your eyebrows

Find their perfect shape and stick to it. When you see a hair growing outside the contour, there is no need for you to pull it out immediately. Also, be careful with the thickness of length of the brows. It will be better if you let the hairs grow as then you can shape the brows properly.

Eyebrows should complement your face

Beautifully shaped eyebrows beautify the face. The thickness and length should constitute a whole with a round, square, oval or oblong face. The proper shape of the eyebrows affects the proportions of the face, soothe them and give an impression of symmetry.

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