Give your skin what it really needs. Tailored skincare tips

The biggest problem with skincare is that each skin type needs something different. You will finally take over the control over your skin when you choose the right kind of products. Below you find skincare product roundup that will help you achieve glowing skin.

Do you know what your skin needs to carry out self-renewal processes and preserve the youthful look for longer? Find out!


Basic need? Hydration

One of the common skin problems that we have to face is its extreme dryness. In most cases skin lacks moisture because neither do we use the right skincare products nor do we protect it against water loss e.g. due to emollient use (natural oils).

A good idea – for those who have dry skin – is to use a face serum with hyaluronic acid. Such product will replenish skin with water from the inside and help restore its lost vitality. Note! Apply the serum prior to applying a light oil-based face cream because this ensures you to achieve stronger effects.

If you don’t want to have dry skin any longer, follow a few simple skincare rules.

  1. Don’t use soap to wash the face with because it intensifies the problem of dryness.
  2. If possible, wash the face either with thermal water or filtered water.
  3. Apply a humectant face mask twice a week.


Basic need? Reinforcement

The problem of weak and broken capillaries concerns many people. These bad-looking spider veins spoil our appearance and make us relay on a concealer for the rest of our lives (the concealer that deals with redness).

Luckily, you can also turn to the right cosmetics that reinforce and fix the damage in blood vessels. This will help to prevent your skin from reacting red when you enter a warm room or after applying face mask or receiving a short facial massage.

The essential cosmetic to be used by a person with couperose-prone skin is a light and all-natural face cream. Neither should it contain parabens nor synthetic substances because its main task is to soothe irritations, not to cause them.

A cream for couperose-prone skin should include:

  • mountain arnica that is known for fortifying blood vessels;
  • vitamin C that displays skin-highlighting properties;
  • European horse-chestnut that stimulates blood flow;
  • pot marigold that soothes skin irritations;
  • ginkgo biloba that prevents the capillary walls from being fragile.


Basic need? Cleansing

The biggest mistake made by those with acne-prone skin is making it dry. The conviction that drying up the acne has positive effect is actually wrong. It must be realized that the more dry the skin is, the bigger the problem with acne becomes. Make sure that you don’t get into this vicious circle.

If you have problem with acne, you should seek a multiway solution. What does it mean?

  • On one hand you have to clean your face deeply because one of the common reasons for acne are bacteria and the impurities that clog skin pores.
  • On the other hand you can’t forget to keep the skin moisturized – even if your skin has a tendency to be too oily.
  • Since acne-prone skin is often either oily or combination, it’s worth maintaining skin’s pH and helping the sebaceous glands work correctly again.


How should the proper skincare routine look like?

No matter the type your skin is, it always requires to be exposed to customized beauty treatments. Therefore, define its main problem (e.g. acne or broken capillaries) and supply the skin with what it really needs. This is simple!

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