How to take care of lips?

Lips have a very delicate skin. Low number of sebaceous glands doesn’t provide our mouth with effective lipid protection. For that reason lips are more prone to damages and irritations so they need more delicate care. If you want to learn answer to the question How to take care of lips? you must read the following article.

Everyday lip care – chapsticks, lip balms and cream

It’s advised to apply lip balms and chapsticks of moisturising action daily. What’s important, they have to contain sunscreens. Don’t be fooled by marvellous fragrance or creamy consistency – such lip balms usually contribute to even greater dehydration of lips which in the long run leads to chapped lip skin. Apply a protective lip balm or moisturising cream evert day after morning and evening routine. The best product for this procedure is a rich cream that you usually apply to your face.

Lip scrub

Lip condition can be improved by taking advantage of a delicate scrub applied once in a while, for example, twice a month. If you carry out this procedure more often, you can significantly irritate lip skin. The best way to exfoliate dead epidermis of lips is application of hydropeeling designed for face skin exfoliation. Coarse-grained scrubs don’t pass the exam here.

Lip massage

In the morning do lip massage. A good idea is to use a soft toothbrush for this procedure. Owning to regular massages, you will improve blood circulation of lips as you will restore this juicy colour to them. Moreover, lip massage, with the aid of toothbrush, also works as a kind of peeling – it helps remove dead epidermis cells. Massage your lips delicately using circular motions leading the toothbrush from one lip corner to the other. This procedure shouldn’t last longer than a minute.

Ways of dealing with chapped lips

Undoubtedly, lips are constantly exposed to factors that significantly threat them and badly influence their condition. These factors include adverse weather conditions, chemical agents that various cosmetics contain, air conditioning and poor diet. As a consequence, lips keep chapping. The best way for protecting them is a good lip balm or chapsticks. Moreover, if lips are constantly chapped, it’s also advised to treat them with tea tree oil or olive oil – both oils are known for accelerating wound healing processes.

Moreover, the food you consume daily should consist of products containing vitamins A, B2, C and E, which take care of lips in a natural way.

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