Laser Not Only for Jedi. Laser Treatments for the Healthy Skin’s Sake

Autumn is not only a very nostalgic season but also a very demanding one. It challenges us with quite a task, namely, it forces us to regenerate our skin after the summer. It’s highly possible that if we don’t confront this challenge, we can expect our face to become a real disaster. We will lose the fight not only for beautiful but also healthy face skin. For that reason, it’s worth reaching for the weapon that even the greatest warrior wouldn’t hesitate to use. Laser and the treatments that make use of this concentrated light beam are one of the most effective, triggering no side effects and non-irritating cosmetic procedures. Thanks to them, we can highlight the complexion, rejuvenate it, balance sebum production, regenerate skin deeply and force our organism to start functioning properly. Also, thanks to laser treatments, we can finally get rid of all the scars that blemish us (i.e. post-acne marks).

Here is the list of the most popular laser beauty treatments:

1. IPL Ellipse Nordlys

A highly effective and painless treatment which is known for causing no side effects. What’s interesting, IPL Ellipse Nordlys can be used by young people who want to eliminate scars and skin lesions caused by acne. Moreover, IPL makes skin more supple as it highlights sun-indulge pigmentation marks. Also, this treatment deals with broken capillaries and any other skin redness. Finally, IPL stimulates collagen and elasticin production, too.

2. Diode-Based Nonablative Fractional Laser

It’s a 20-minute treatment that delivers immediate effects in a form of regenerated skin; it improves skin’s texture and density, highlights and lightens up the complexion. Just one treatment enables to keep the skin in good condition for a few days straight. However, if you want to help the outcome last longer, you have to undergo from 4 to 6 sessions of Diode-Based Nonablative Fractional Laser. Thanks to this, you can enjoy the results of the procedure for a few months (the effects will last through the Autumn and Winter).

3. Fractional Laser CO2 MedArt

This kind of a laser treatment will conquer wrinkles and any other post-acne blemishes. It’s designed for deep regeneration and produces spectacular results even on the super fatigued skin. MedArt laser treatment will also deal with lentigo and enlarged skin pores. The only drawback is that the skin regeneration processes that has to take place after the treatment takes a few days.

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