How to defeat skin imperfections?

The sad truth is, that skin imperfections appear mainly on women’s body, usually on face skin area. In most cases, they have a form of acne, blackheads, discolourations, and broken capillaries. What is more, excessive sebum production is also classified as skin imperfection. However, some of these can be camouflaged and the other eliminated completely thanks to medications. But how to do it successfully?

Taking care of skin with imperfections

If you want to eliminate skin imperfections, you have to treat your skin the right way. All the cosmetics you would like to use should match your skin type and its needs. The better product you choose, the less time will you have to devote on solving your skin problem. Another crucial issue, each skin type, oily, normal, dry etc., requires different manner of treatment. The first one needs delicate moisturization and application of anti-bacterial products. Normal skin type is the least demanding one, it will do with a regular nourishing face cream. Dry skin, in turn, craves for deep moisturization and cosmetics that are able to protect it from both changing atmospheric conditions and other contaminants.

Appropriate colourful cosmetics

Although this may be surprising for some women, colour cosmetics can be allies with fighting against skin imperfections. You can give a go to a decent concealer, a foundation of either strong camouflaging or mattifying properties, and a transparent powder that will adopt to your skin tone. What is more, try to match the level of camouflaging to the skin problem. To clarify, the more discolorations (especially dark ones), the stronger camouflage has to be applied. Moreover, the camouflaging products should provide also protection from solar radiation, however, they cannot clog skin pores. It is also worth pointing out, it is not suggested to apply too large quantities of the foundation or the concealer. Otherwise, you will obtain unattractive mask-like effect and the products will accumulate in wrinkles and other creases of your skin.

Do not forget to put on make-up finishing products

If you want to fix and provide the final touch up to your make-up, use a loose powder of a shade similar to both your skin tone and colour of the already applied cosmetics. In this case, the best one is a mineral powder as well as any other one that does not contain chemical substances or ingredients responsible for clogging skin pores (parabens, paraffin or oils). In fact, you can buy a powder at a pharmacy’s. This kind of a product is expected not only to heal skin imperfections but also to camouflage them fairly well. In order to make your face look even better, apply a blusher or a bronzer.

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