How to Make your Face Oval?

Firm, healthy and beautiful – every woman would like to use these adjectives to describe her complexion. And what should do the women whose face shape is far from being perfect? Obviously, they can find plenty of lifting cosmetics in drug stores and start applying them right away. Also, there are a few exercises thanks to which it’s possible to obtain the ideal face oval. Once done regularly, a neat and young face will follow.

Don’t Forget About Chin, Neck and Cleavage

Usually, we focus our attention on the face per se and forget about chin, neck and cleavage. It’s a pity since the very face parts reveal our age and show our general state of the organism. Wrinkles develop on this face parts fairly fast, skin becomes flabby as it’s mechanical and chemical damage-prone. Try to imagine what might happen if you stop taking care of these face parts? Surely, a double chin will appear and it will distort the right face proportions. Obviously, you have no control over the genetic predispositions, that’s for sure. However, nothing can stop you from helping Mother Nature and devote a little bit of your time to neck and cleavage care.

Cosmetic for Chin, Neck and Cleavage Care

Such products deliver shaping, firming and skin suppling action. Moreover, these cosmetics should include, among others, caffeine, oils, hyaluronic acid or green tea extract. Products designed for chin, neck and cleavage care also have to possess many other features, like for example, replenishing skin with water, easing, stimulating blood circulation, nourishing and firming.

Massage of Equal Importance

Not only the action delivered by cosmetics is important. A great influence over the face skin condition has the process of applying the care products. Also, good outcomes are produced thanks to massage. Take a small quantity of a cream or a serum and distribute it onto your face, neck and cleavage by applying a special technique. Start form massaging the eye skin area. Put your fingers to the outer corners of the eyes and then pat the preparation with the fingertips starting from underneath the eyes, and finish above them. Don’t forget to give the massage to your neck, too. Rub the cosmetic into skin by moving your hands to the chin. Also, massage the forehead and cheeks. Begin with the central part of the face and move your fingers to the outer parts of it (heading temples and ears).

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