Ingredients To Look For in a Hair Growth Shampoo

I don’t know why but recently I’ve come across people talking about growing hair long. They are either during the treatment or are about to start one. Everybody knows that hair keeps growing constantly but there are some ways to speed up this process. Indeed, you can stimulate the follicles to work more effectively and nudge your hair to grow quicker.

One of the well-known solutions that promotes hair growth is hair oil treatment, but there are more naturally derived substances that have a similar effect on the strands. If you care for having full-looking and long hair, I’d suggest supplying your follicles with the right substances already while shampooing. You just need to reach for a shampoo that is formulated with… With what? Let me explain everything 🙂

Ingredients to look for in a hair growth shampoo


This herb is long-known and recognized for its marvelous properties. Apart from being used in cooking, rosemary is also a stimulant, so to say. What I mean by using this word is that rosemary is able to boost circulation in the scalp. It activates cells and encourages the follicles to work more effectively, and this facilitates faster hair growth. Additionally, rosemary balances sebum.


This is a well-known plant, commonly used in various home hair treatments. Apart from speeding up hair growth, fenugreek also prevents hair thinning and supplies follicles with vitamins, iron, proteins and other precious substances that are essential for leaving you with better-looking hair.


Do you know this amazing Asian plant commonly added to shampoos and hair masks? To use the full potential stored in bhringaraj, this plant must undergo maceration. What effects can you expect to get? Well, bhringaraj strengthens hair and repairs scalp. Hindu people recognize this plant for being a potent remedy for hair loss.


I’m sure you know that caffeine reduces cellulite, but how does it affect hair? It stimulates follicles so this means that caffeine promotes hair growth. Once I read a report showing that trichologists consider caffeine to be one of the best growth stimulating substances. How do they justify their view? Well, caffeine is proven to work inside the cells, increasing their activity, and this is beneficial for follicles. Additionally, caffeine smooths hair out and boosts shine. What else could you possibly ask for?


Ginseng is a star-ingredient of shampoos responsible for promoting hair growth. It’s because ginseng root extract strengthens the hair matrix, effects repair and boosts circulation in the scalp, and this equals faster hair growth. But that is not everything that ginseng is able to do. It also leaves hair stronger, protects hair ends and balances sebum.


Did you know that one of the reasons for hair loss is biotin shortage? Therefore I advise you to deliver biotin to your hair with shampoos and pills. What makes biotin so important? The answer is simple – biotin is the source of sulfur that is essential for keratin, which in turn is one of the basic hair building blocks. Confusing? Simply put, there is no keratin without biotin. And if your hair lacks keratin then you know… it’s a disaster!


Do you know this substance? Quinine used to be a medicine for malaria, it dealt with high fever and saved many lives from tropical diseases. Obtained from cinchona’s bark, quinine is proven to be beneficial for hair. Quinine-enriched shampoos are amazing! They boost circulation in the scalp, thus promote hair growth. Moreover, it leaves hair stronger, eases combing and boosts shine.


Do you know why washing hair with beer is so popular? The amazing effects are owed to hop cone extract that is proven to promote hair growth, prevent thinning and deal with dandruff. Including it into your hair routine will bring you nothing but benefits, but instead of beer, I’d suggest reaching for professional products enriched with hop extract.

Do you know other substances known for promoting hair growth? Let me know!

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