How to restore natural hair shine? Hair rinses and hair masks recipes

Shineless hair – reasons

Unfortunately, some of us have hair that are deprived of shine and gloss. Generally speaking, it is matte and look as if was dull and flat. In most cases, shineless hair equals damaged, weak and dry hair. What are the reasons and who should be pointed with a finger for such deteriorated hair condition?

Firstly, hair looses its shine when is treated with inappropriately chosen cosmetics. To demonstrate, this state is caused, for example, by washing normal hair with a shampoo for greasy roots with tendency to dandruff. Such a cosmetic reduces the excess of sebum and, at the same time, dries scalp and hair out. Secondly, use of a hair straightener, a hair curler or a blow-dryer also affects hair in a negative way. Furthermore, hair tends to loose its gloss when are exposed to frequent dying, when we treat it with perm or other aggressive hairdresser’s treatments. Another key issue to mention, our hair reveals that we do not consume fresh water in enough quantities as well as that we do not eat healthy. In other words, our eating habits reverberates at hair condition. How to deal with it? Suffice to give a try to one of the recipes of either a hair mask or a hair rinse.

Hair rinses and hair masks

Before you start conducting regular hair care treatment, examine how particular hair mask and hair rinse really works. For example, you can use these a few times per month. If you are satisfied with the results, you can reapply the cosmetics more frequently.

Vinegar Hair Rinse. Mix one litre of boiled water with one of two spoons of apple vinegar. Apply the mixture on your washed, clean hair. When it comes to the moisturization, use a hair rinse made from fresh lime tree blossoms. This home-made cosmetic will also help with restoring natural hair shine. It is also advisable to put on a cosmetic paraffin oil mixed with fresh water.

Hair Mask. Add and mix natural ingredients with the hair masks that you usually use for the daily hair care. You can benefit from mixing the cosmetic with, for instance, honey, flaxseed, egg yolk, starch or urea.

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