TikTok’s Igari Makeup – the Japanese method of applying blush

Did you know that ‘igari makeup’ is the latest trend in Asia?

The Japanese method of applying blush is sometimes called ‘drunk blush’ or ‘hangover makeup’. The trend originated in Japan in 2018 after the famous Japanese makeup artist Igari Shinobu. In 2022, the trend went viral and took over TikTok.

Even though it’s not certain whether Igari Shinobu is the true originator of this look, multiple Igari’s models and celebrities made the technique the biggest makeup trend not only in Japan but also in South Korea. The trend refers to the Japanese style of makeup and many makeup professionals and enthusiast use it as a reference to create their own version of ‘igari makeup’.

The artist Igari Shinobu is very grateful to her fans for naming the trend after her, even though it’s been some years since her debut.

What does igari makeup look like?

Because Japanese makeup usually focuses on the eyes, makeup called ‘igari makeup’ can also be called ‘drunk blush’ as it resembles the flushed look when someone has had a bit to drink. Soft, young and heavily blushed skin is the main goal of igari makeup.

The igari makeup technique involves applying the product right under your lash line and above your cheekbones as an extension of eyeshadow. Most of the pigments should be placed on the upper parts of the cheeks to ensure a cute, youthful look. To improve the makeup, you can apply the same colour onto your eyelids as well as on the tip of your nose.

When compared to the Korean ‘glass skin’ that resembles wet skin, Japan prefers the ‘mochi skin’ style where a matte finish is desired.

The easiest way to get the look Igari-Shinobu-style:

How to recreate the perfect Igari makeup inspired by Igari Shinobu’s original technique? Follow our step-by-step instructions.

Japanese beauty focuses heavily on skincare as it’s the most important step in every makeup. Prepare your face by cleansing it carefully. Apply a base and don’t forget about your SPF cream.

Choose a light-coverage foundation with a silky finish. To get the most natural effect, apply just one thin layer of the product (it is recommended to also use BB or CC creams because of their caring properties) to ensure the lightest coverage and even the skin colour at the same time. Skip the contouring and focus on blush only.

Western-style contouring and highlighting are not really recommended here. Lightly defined eyebrows and lashes should complete the neutral, uncomplicated base but if you like contouring, remember that a minimalistic approach is a key to Igari-style makeup.

Add colours to your face by using a cream blush or a powder blush add colours to your face. Place them on the top of your cheekbones and under your eyebrows with one swipe (create the letter C). You can also use the blush on your nose and eyelids. Apply a transparent, pink or peachy lip gloss so they look full and plump, maintaining a subtle and girly effect.