Coriander, soy and coconut – L’oreal Botanicals shampoo in fight for strong hair

Paraben-free, silicone-free and artificial substance-free cosmetics are the products that are undergoing their revival. Vegetable care and return to the roots, so, in other words, the return to natural substances where the power of care and regeneration is hidden – stronger than most synthetic ingredients wield – is the direction taken by almost everyone nowadays.

Eco-friendly, vegetable cosmetics and substances deriving from nature take care of our skin without doing any harm to it; they aren’t comedogenic, don’t dehydrate nor they cause irritations. This feature is especially important when talking about hair shampoo. After all, a hair conditioner is to be applied to the mid-lengths so it isn’t in contact with the scalp. The issue is different when it comes to a shampoo because it has to be applied to the scalp. Hence, since this cosmetic is in contact with skin, its purchase must be well-thought-out.

Hair shampoo shouldn’t only cleanse but also take care of the scalp by soothing all irritations, regulating sebum production and delivering anti-septic action. A new shampoo by L’oreal, Botanicals Fresh Care turns out to be perfect for this task.

L’oreal Botanicals for fragile hair is an innovative product that creates a vegetable, unique formula taking care of even the most delicate and weakened hair. Undoubtedly, this type of hair requires being given special attention; delicate strands have the tendency to tangle and get damaged due to mechanical factors (too intensive hair rubbing against towel, pulling hair out during combing) as well as to produce sebum in galore (it’s easy to weigh such hair down especially when it starts getting greasy due to improper care). Also, fragile hair equals frequently frizzy hair with split ends. As it is easy to realize, such hair is highly damage-prone therefore it is so important to supply it with precious regenerative substances already during washing.

This coriander and coconut shampoo L’oreal Botanicals provides hair with delicate and vegetable care. Owning to the presence of coconut oil, strands and scalp are supplied with precious minerals and vitamins. Moreover, L’oreal Botanicals for fragile hair eases hair styling, cleanses scalp and free it form toxins (thanks to lauric acid that coconut oil features). When it comes to coriander seed extract, it is to gift stands with shine and restore vitality to thin hair. Soy seed extract helps detangle hair and replenish them with water. The series Botanicals also includes balm, hair mask and hair reinforcing elixir.

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