Rejuvenating Hair Treatment – Dove Pure Care Dry Oil

If you are worried that your hair begin to give up to unfavourable impact of passing time, or simply become weakened, dull and brittle, reach for Dove Pure Care Dry Oil and more precisely its version for mature hair – Restorative Treatment With Anatolian Pomegranate Seed Oil.

This oil was developed based on few natural oils to regenerate and rejuvenate hair by providing them with great condition for a long time. Great is the fact that Dove has poured so many valuable essential oils to their product. Each of them fulfils different role, but when placed together provide complex protection and renewal.

Coconut oil – helps to get rid of toxins and impurities from cells, while in great way protects hair and scalp. Hair become resistant to both mechanical damages (drying, straightening, elastic band, which significantly weaken hair bulbs and cause hair loss) and unfavourable atmospheric factors.

Sweet almond oil – prevents water loss from the inner hair structures, so prevents also dryness. It is very mild oil, that at the same time can in strong way regenerate hair from the roots. Sweet almond oil inhibits ageing processes.

Sunflower oil – prevents frizz, helps with strengthening and hydration. Its presence in the product guarantees hair with gloss, health and vitality.

Palm oil is known for its regenerative and moisturising properties for hair. It will nourish mature skin, strengthen inter cellular structure of hair and epidermis. Perfectly smoothers hair.

Macadmia oil – is an unquestionable king of natural oils. Its properties for hair are invaluable and used in medicine and philosophy of the East for ages. It absorbs pretty fast and its power cumulates on the inside of hair, providing them with protection and regeneration.

Complementation of the treatment with Dove is pomegranate seed oil, that for centuries was valued for its properties that inhibit effects of passing time. This oil contains as much as 70% of essential fatty acid, called punicic acid. This is a unique acid, that belongs to omega-5 group. It mainly is responsible for inhibiting ageing signs of hair and skin.

Oil from Dove has beautiful, glass bottle. It smells great and perfectly administers on hair. Thanks to multiplicity of uses, it makes hair gain full protection and regeneration. Furthermore, oil can be applied both on dry and damp hair, after hair wash. Another great use for this oil is for hair oil treatment before hair wash. 100 ml/3.4 oz of oil lasts for a very long time, because for one treatment enough is as much as 1-2 pumps of the product.