Synthetic lash extensions and other types of falsies

When we’re starting our journey with false extensions, it’s hard for us to decide on the type we want to wear. We can choose among silk, mink and synthetic lashes. Of course, each type of falsies has its pros and cons. What are the properties of synthetic lash extensions? Should you go for this type of lashes?

Synthetic lash extensions – Advantages

To produce synthetic lash extensions manufacturers use acryl which makes the falsies the most resistant ones from all types of lash extensions. Moreover, they are lighter in shade and more shiny than silk and mink fur lashes. If you decide to have the falsies applied densely, the effect obtained will be truly enhanced, almost dramatic.

Synthetic lash extensions are characterized by various degree of curl. The tough formula of the material is good at fixing the curl and this makes the lashes resistant to deformation. As a result, it’s really easy to keep them neat and in order. Moreover, synthetic lash extensions aren’t one-use-only. Their price also plays an important role – this type of falsies is the cheapest solution from all.

Synthetic lash extensions – Disadvantages

Synthetic lash extensions are heavier than silk or mink eyelashes, therefore they serve well only women whose eyelashes are really strong. Furthermore, synthetic lash extensions are stiffer and more difficult to style then the other two types of falsies. For that reason, synthetic lash extensions aren’t the best option for the natural look supporters because they deliver truly enhanced effect.

Eyelash extensions vs. Mascara

To astonish with look, you don’t have to go for eyelash extensions. There are many mascaras which intensify lash colour, extend them, add body and make lashes thicker. Some of the mascaras are multi-purpose and combine all the qualities above. How to choose the right mascara? While selecting the product, it’s worth focusing on the brush shape and the composition. The shape of brush is responsible for the final effect your eyelashes are going to achieve. After all, it’s the brush that determines whether eyelashes are extended, thicker or lifted up. The mascara in turn can gift eyelashes with an intensive colour as well as nourish and regenerate them. Consequently, a good mascara might accelerate eyelash growth. Powder pigment makes eyelashes pitch-black and replenishes them with water, at the same time. Moreover, the state of eyelash can be improved by conditioning substances that are worth looking for while buying a mascara. The very ingredients are:

  • soy germ extract,
  • wheat germ extract,
  • Scutellaria Baicalensis,
  • panthenol,
  • vitamin E,
  • arginine.

Last but not least, synthetic lash extensions weaken natural eyelashes, and in the best case scenario they don’t influence natural lashes condition at all.

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