Water & Hair Care. Is Hair Hydration Really So Important?

At least 10% of hair should be made up of water. It seems little but we rarely provide our hairdos with even this minimum level of hydration. Why does hair need hydration? How to moisturise the strands?

The dehydration is the biggest hair problem, leading to hair damage and poor condition. Inside your hair, there should be water which makes up 10% of the composition. Keeping the right level of moisture pays off because losing too much water causes hair structure dryness, breakage and splitting of ends. Water is essential for keeping the right hair condition. How to moisturise the hair?

Firstly, an in-depth hydration

To be honest, you can hydrate the hair in two ways. We usually go for moisturising hair masks, use DIY products and all kinds of conditioners. We should pay attention to their ingredients, too. Hyaluronic acid, urea, glycerol or aloe have hydrating properties. On the other hand, avoid alcohol-infused products which make hair lose water fast.

Secondly, protection against dehydration

A task for natural oils – emollients. Silicones also lock water in but they’re not recommended because they weigh hair down. Oils are much safer and more natural, reinforcing the hydro-lipid coat which is largely made up of fatty acids. Choose oils that are full of fatty acids so they can seal the external hair structure better.

Remember that a hair oil treatment brings multidimensional effects on condition that you combine it with number one (in-depth hydration). Even the best hair oil won’t keep your hair hydrated if you don’t deliver the moisturising ingredients first. The balance is the key thing you must pay attention to.