Manhattan and its quadruple eye-shadow palette

Manhattan cosmetic brand has designed eye-shadows for true make-up lovers. If you are one of them, try to get the palette for yourself.

Probably most women, if not all of them, are dote on colourful eye-shadows palettes. We buy them, try them out, apply them and somehow we cannot get enough of them. This is natural that we would like to have the most fancy and the best eye-shadows palettes available at the moment on the market. If you cannot resist the temptation of buying of new palettes and cosmetics designed for eye make-up, then this time it would be no different.

Manhattan has launched a new eye-shadow palette. The first eye-catching element is its unique appearance. The package resembles notebook or an organiser. A little, black ribbon imitates closing – and the palette is closed with a magnet. The upper lid is decorated with colourful figures of women. When opened, the whole package is divided into three parts. One of the parts is designed for holding the mirror, another part carries four shadows – three matte and one highlighting. Next to them, there is a space provided for an applicator. It has sponged tips which makes the application easier. Basically, Manhattan has launched eye-shadows in four colour schemes. And these are in particular The Fabulous (white, pink and two shades of violet), The Brave (sparkling bronze, black, yellow and blue), The Glamorous (blue, three shades of brown: one sparkling, brown, and ecru) as well as The Gorgeous (two pinks, black and orange). All the shades provide vivid and long-lasting effect. The cosmetic was tested dermatologically.

Start applying the product form putting on your favourite eye-shadow. Play with the colours, mix them, blend and match in any way you like.

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