How to wash face to get rid of blackheads? Learn the finest methods

Clean and neat complexion is a dream of many women. If you belong to the group of ladies pursuing this beauty goal, you must realise that regular face cleansing is not enough. Lack of blackheads, even skin tone and flawless skin is possible to obtain but only due to proper face washing. How to do it to enjoy stunning and glowing face skin for a really long time?

Morning and evening face washing

Many people claim that morning face washing is pointless. To some extent, it’s actually true. After all, at night skin doesn’t secrete as much sebum as it does during day, neither flakes off nor collects impurities. What morning face washing really does is improve blood flow, freshen up and invigorate. Instead of using tap water, you can go for a toner, herbal distillate or mist. When it comes to evening face washing, it depends on removing sebum, impurities and makeup. To leave your face clean, use a foam, gel, lotion or other products that know how to deal with taking off colour cosmetics and oils.

Don’t touch the face during day

There are numerous germs living on our hands which might affect our body in a negative way. When we touch face, all the bacteria and germs reach the facial skin. There, they can cause irritations, rash and allergy. To make matters even worse, constant touching encourages sebaceous glands to produce sebum which leads to their hyperactivity. Result? Skin starts shining unnaturally, acne and blackheads appear.

Don’t overdo with face scrub

Indeed, helping skin to exfoliate is important but it should be done wisely. Face scrub removes impurities and dead epidermal cells, unclogs skin pores, smooths out, highlights and improves blood flow. On the flip side, frequent exfoliation might turn out to be really devastating for skin. Why is that? It’s highly possible for irritations to occur, natural hydrolipid barrier might get damaged, acne appears faster and skin may be reddened. For that reason, face scrub should be applied once or twice a week only.

Warm or cool water?

It has been said milion times that transition douche is found really helpful when it comes to skin care. That’s true but only when talking about scalp and body skin – face skin requires other type of treatment. Hot water dehydrates and leaves facial skin irritated, whereas cool water is simply unpleasant. Water which temperature is rather low will serve its purpose in the morning when we need freshening up and getting fully awake. In other situations, use lukewarm water to wash your face with.

Show me your makeup bag and I’ll tell you if you face skin is well-taken-care-of

Properly equipped makeup bag is half the battle. Choose the beauty products which precisely remove makeup and impurities without clogging skin pores. Thick creams and balms regularly used to wash your face with might do more harm than good. Similar case is with regular creams designed to be patted into face. To sum up, the best products to clean your delicate face with are gels and foams.

Beauty products with acids

They are true godsend for face. Not only do they cleanse skin pores but also remove dead epidermal cells, reduce wrinkles, highlight discolourations and even skin tone. Also, they help to rejuvenate skin. To take care of skin reach for AHA acids as well as salicid aid, glycolic acid and lactobionic acid.

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