Eyelash serum then and now – the long journey to perfection

Nowadays, many women cannot imagine their evening routine without applying an eyelash serum. The product has become the sign of feminity – thanks to it, many women can finally enjoy having lashes they could only dream about in the past. A top-rated eyelash serum can really work wonders: it makes all complexes related to looks disappear. It is considered the most innovative cosmetic of our times. In the past, women tried to use various methods to improve the appearance of their lashes, however, not always with success. What is the lash serum’s history? How did lash care look before the invention hit the cosmetic market?

Eyelash serum – so young yet so popular 

While the mascara has a very old tradition, and its origins date back to the times of ancient Egypt and the wonderful Cleopatra, the eyelash serum seems to be an infant. Mascara has had hundreds of years to become an iconic product. However, few years were enough for the lash serum to catch up with its fame.

Eyelash serum – what is it and how does it work?

Eyelash serums are a clear substance that comes in a small bottle which resembles the mascara packaging. However, it is not equipped with typical mascara wand but a thin, applicator more like the one found in eyeliners. With this tool, it is very easy to apply the product precisely where it should be – along the lashline. You only need one stroke of the applicator to allow the serum penetrate the skin and reach the lash bulbs. Then, it regenerates them and stimulates to work. As a result, lashes gain strength, grow faster and become amazingly longer. Thanks to the serum, their growth phase is prolonged which gives enough time for the lashes to become thicker, darker. The product also prevents falling out. 

Eyelash serum – origins

Before any eyelash serum appeared on the cosmetic market in the form we know it today, women reach different methods of eyelash care, for example, they used castor oil which often got into the eye and caused problems with vision. Castor oil takes great care of eyebrows, however, when it comes to lashes, it is problematic (it is also worth mentioning that most of the top-rated serums are also suitable for eyebrow care). After the castor oil era came the time for lash serums in the form of a mascara wand which was meant to be applied (0bviously) the same way as the mascara. The product has improved the condition of the eyelashes but it did not stimulate the bulbs so it was not able to improve the length of short lashes. Therefore, today’s lash serums that make our looks stunning in only a few weeks are a true phenomenon in the field of the lash and eyebrow care.