What’s the role of sparkling water in skin care?

It’s been long known that water is crucial in both skin care and proper functioning of the entire organism. In most cases we use still water, boiled water or distilled water. However, it turns out that sparkling water can also do good in terms of skin care. How does it work and what are its properties?

Sparkling water in skin care

Taking care of skin using sparkling water depends on:

  • firming and improving skin tension – sparkling water strengthens cells located among collagen fibres;
  • supplying skin with oxygen – sparkling water contains carbon dioxide. It’s responsible for delivering oxygen to skin which prevents swelling;
  • cleansing skin pores – sparkling water works similarly to a bubble mask. It removes impurities from skin pores and deals with sebum. This type of care is found perfect for oily and acne skin types;
  • boosting blood flow – bubbles stimulate processes taking place in dermis, regulate blood and lymph flow and contribute to better skin nourishment;
  • skin refreshing – systematic use of sparkling water highlights skin making it look radiant and well-rested.

How to use sparkling water in skin care?

Sparkling water has to be mixed with either tap water or boiled water in 1:1 proportions. Fill a bowl with this mixture and keep your face drowned for a few seconds. Then, skin has to be toweled. Repeat the procedure once or twice a week. If your face skin is sensitive, you should use more tap or boiled water than sparkling water.

Sparkling water in skin care – Summary

Owing to mineral and carbon dioxide content, sparkling water serves well at taking care of face skin. It makes skin elastic and smooth. Also, sparkling water cleanses and supplies skin with oxygen.

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