Moisturizing-regenerating eye and eyelid cream. Fortissimo Collection by Dr Irena Eris

It is not a secret that skin around eyes is extremely delicate and easy to get damaged. And these just some of the reasons why we should pay special attention to this area by caring it appropriately. All techniques of massaging, compressions and creams will do for daily care. However, we have to be aware what kind of products we put on this gentle area because, certainly, we do not want to harm ourselves. One of the cosmetics, that is worth trying out is a moisturizing-regenerating eye and eyelid cream from Fortissimo collection.

The cream is closed in a grey-coloured package of 15 ml capacity. The product of Dr Irena Eris can be accompanied with other Fortissimo products such as a lifting-moisturizing cream, day cream, an anti-wrinkle triple action night cream and a firming cream for neck and neckline. Coming back to the around eye area cream by Dr Irena Eris, it is destined for mature, fatigued and with first signs of ageing skin type. What is more, the cosmetic is able to smooth skin around eyes, lift up dropping eyelids, reduce crow’s feet as well as minimize dark circles around eyes and sagging. Furthermore, thanks to the product, skin becomes healthier, prettier, moisturised and radiant. Another advantage, moisturizing-regenerating eye and eyelid cream is able to make eyes look as if they were bigger, and turns the look into being fuller and way younger. Great news for people having sensitive skin, because the product does not contain any fragrances, is light and oily-free. What is more, this cream does not clog skin pores. Thanks to many precious ingredients which the product is comprised of, manner of the cosmetic working is fast and effective. While talking about the composition, moisturizing-regenerating eye and eyelid cream by Dr Irena Eris contains E and A vitamin, rosa oil, retinol and fatty acids, to name just a few ingredients. To clarify, these substances are responsible for improving firmness, evening skin tone and accelerating both skin cells renewal processes and collagen synthesis.

Now, a few words connected with application of the cosmetic. Moisturizing-regenerating eye and eyelid cream from Fortessimo collection has to be applied evening on cleansed skin around eyes. Suffice to put on only scarce amount of the product. Then, you have to pat it into your epidermis of above crease area and under eyes using the fingertips. It is also advisable to give a mini massage that will additionally improve blood circulation in epidermis cells.

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