Booster – The Cosmetic Top Up of Skin

It contains many precious substances, affects even the deepest skin structures and brings about marvellous effects. What’s this? It’s booster, of course; a cosmetic designated to handle special tasks. Check out how the product works and whether you’ll find it useful in your daily care.

Booster vs. Serum – Similarities & Differences

Both, booster and serum are similar when it comes to the formula. It’s a cosmetic either of dense or gel-like consistency which is applied easily. Apart from that, serum and booster differ by their features. The aim of serums is to smooth wrinkles, soothe broken capillaries and make skin supple. Way weaker is the action that creams deliver. These products only moisturises and regenerates face and body skin. And what are the features of a booster?

Booster’s Action & Features

The most important task of boosters is shield stratum corneum of dermis. This cosmetic protects skin against free radicals, chemical irritations and mechanical damages. Thanks to a booster, you won’t suffer the consequences of your skin being overexposed to solar radiation, urban pollution, or the action of either salty or chlorinated water. The truth is, cosmetic market is full of boosters. Their features are combined to answer different skin types needs. Therefore, you can find boosters dedicated to mature, sensitive or oily skin, to name just a few.

How to Use Booster?

Before you apply a booster, remember to cleanse face, neck and cleavage skin first. Next, apply just a thin layer of the product onto the skin and massage it precisely. Also, boosters serve well when added into a cream or a serum. What’s important, boosters should be used every evening. Only then will you obtain the looked-for outcomes.

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