How to take care of dyed hair? Vitamino Color collection from L’Oréal Professionnel

Do you often dye your hair? Do you wonder what to do in order to make hair preserve its new colour for as long as it is possible? Fortunately, L’Oréal Professionnel has a solution for you. Give a try to Vitamino Color collection aiming at caring dyed hair.

The new collection comprises of four hair caring products. To illustrate, Vitamino Color includes two types of shampoos, a hair mask and a conditioner. All the cosmetics prevent dyed hair from loosing its new colour (keep the colour true), improve the intensity of the colour and prolong its durability. What is more, the complete collection makes hair glossy, smooth and soft to the touch. The truth is, many professional hairdressers use the collection in their salons.

One of the components of new L’Oréal Professionnel collection is a shampoo. The aim of the product is to preserve durability of bright and delicate colours. How does it work? The shampoo contains a special ingredient that prevent water form getting into dyed hair inner structure (this may lead to colour fade). While washing hair using the shampoo, hair is not only nourished but also the new colour is preserved from wearing off. The second shampoo cleanses scalp, gifts hair with lightness, makes combing way easier and also helps with preserving hair colour. A bottle of both shampoos contains 250 ml of the cosmetic.

The third component, the hair mask for dyed hair, provides nourishment, regeneration and gloss. The product has to be distributed on washed and dried with a towel hair. Then, the hair mask has to be left for around a minute and, after that, rinsed precisely. The jar contains 200 ml of the product.

The last cosmetic of Vitamino Color collection is a conditioner that also prolong durability of hair colour. The product provides nourishment and smoothing of streaks of hair. What is more, the conditioner facilitates combing hair. The conditioner has to be applied on shampooed and dried with a towel hair. After a two or three minutes, the product should be rinsed thoroughly. A single package contains 150 ml of the cosmetic.

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