What harms your face skin? Stop making these mistakes

You cleanse, moisturise, nourish but it still leaves much to be desired. You take care of it and do your best to help it look good, but your efforts keep going down the drain? If your beautifying actions don’t improve your skin condition, it’s time to find out what is being done wrongly to fix it. Go on reading to learn which skin care practices should be avoided.

1. You cleanse and wash face skin inappropriately

If you reach only for cotton pads and either micellar lotion or regular gel to wash your face with, then don’t be surprised that your skin still has cosmetic residues, impurities and sebum. So, how to take off makeup properly and cleanse face skin? In this case, the best results will be achieved due to a delicate face care that consists of few stages. Firstly, use a cleansing lotion, follow with a face peel and finish with using a foam or any other thick and lathering cosmetic.

2. Beware excessive exfoliation

Do you recognize face peel as a completely safe beauty product? Well, it’s not always as safe as it seems to be. Too frequent and too aggressive skin exfoliation might irritate skin. Peel, brushes, sponges – all of the cosmetics and accessories might cause redness, allergies and damages of hydrolipid barrier. Also, they can lead to serious skin dehydration. This kind of skin blemishes are fast to appear on sensitive and thin skin types. More resistant though is oily skin that is thicker by nature. If you notice any disturbing changes appearing on your skin, give a try to enzymatic peels or low concentration chemical peels.

3. Remember about the toner

Toner must be applied morning and evening. It’s main task is to restore the right level of skin’s pH. Moreover, toner removes excess of sebum, cleanses skin gently, freshens it up and moisturises. If you don’t like using toners, you may go for either micellar lotion or herbal water.

4. There’s no point in waiting

There’s no point in waiting for skin to get dry after being wiped with toner. If you pat a face cream right after applying a toner, you may expect achieving better results in nourishing and smoothing skin out. Instead of a face cream, you can use either a serum or oil. Thanks to such application of beauty products, your skin will be better moisturised, nourished and supple. Basically, cream locks in toner and prevents water loss. At the same time, you will prevent skin dehydration and wrinkles.

5. Results within a few days?

Sadly, it’s not true. No cosmetic is able to produce the looked-for effects within just few days of use. In order to achieve some results, a cosmetic must be applied regularly by carefully following the instructions given on the packaging.

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