Christmas set by Collistar – Infinito mascara, Kajal Matta Eye Pencil Black and a bag by Piquadro

With Christmas just around the corner, it is time to think about presents. If you do not have a clue what to buy for your female relatives, Collistar brand is lending you a helping hand. This cosmetic brand has prepared several sets of their products perfect for gifting your beloved ones with. Let us take a closer look at one of the sets that contains a bag by Piquadro, Kajal Matta Eye Pencil Black and Infinito mascara.

The first element to examine – the mascara. Infinito is well known for all Collistar lovers. Basically, it can be recognized by the golden bottle and the applicator having short bristle. What is more, the mascara is recognized as being good at separating eyelashes and coating these precisely at the same time. Another advantage of this cosmetic is that it is long-lasting and does not fleck. All that you have to pay attention to while applying the product is its tip. Unfortunately, it tends to gather too much of the mascara which in turn may lead to stained eyelids or clumped eyelashes.

Collistar brand attaches also Kajal Matta Eye Pencil Black to this Christmas cosmetic set. This product is perfect for drawing lines on eyelids, thanks to which, we can make our eyes look more defined. What is more, the cosmetic has intensive, pitch-black colour. The eye pencil is soft enough to make the application effortless. Additionally, you will not encounter any difficulties when you would like to smudge the eye pencil and blend it with the eye shadows either. What makes the product so favourable is the fact that the eye pencil is easy to make it sharp. The great news, if you want to decorate your eyes with either funky or smart style, suffice to combine these two cosmetics, the eye pencil and Infiniti mascara.

The set comprises also of a bag by Piquardo. The accessory is small, black and fairly elegant. What is more, it is decorated with golden logo of the brand and the golden chain. The bag can be described as versatile since it matches both so-called little black dress and a dress that is in the latest style that you are eager to wear for New Year’s Eve party. What is more, the bag is small yet very capacious. You will store several cosmetics, such as a powder to touch up make-up during this one-in-a-year party. Obviously, you will lost nothing since Piquardo bag is closed with a metal zipper.

While picking the best cosmetic set form Collistar, you can also take a look at other sets prepared by the same brand, like for example the one with a blue version of Piquardo bag that goes with Shock Black mascara or Art Design.

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