Useless cosmetics. How to use them up?

A shampoo that doesn’t serve your hair right? A conditioner that overburdened your strands? A shower gel which irritates your skin? Here are the ideas that will help you give a new lease of life to the cosmetics you don’t want to use any longer.

1. Shower Gel

It can be used as soap to wash your hands, added to foot bath or just used up to clean various surfaces at your home.

2. Toothpaste

It also happens that a toothpaste, especially its taste, isn’t the one we like. In this case, you can use such a product as a topical ‘gel’ to treat acne and even cold sore. Also, you can use a toothpaste to cleanse silver and gold since this cosmetic is good at removing dirt from metal.

3. Shampoo

A shampoo that makes your hair unmanageable can be used to wash your make-up brushes or sponges. Basically, it can also serve you as liquid soap.

4. Hair conditioner

Few know that a conditioner or a hair mask can pose a great alternative to a shaving cream. The rule is simple: cover your legs (or other body part) with a thick layer of the conditioner and just start shaving. The conditioner will soften the hair and increase the precision of shaving. Also, your skin will got neither irritated nor dehydrated.

Furthermore, if your make-up brushes are made of natural bristle, it’s a good idea to apply a conditioner to it once in a while. Thanks to such a treatment, the bristle stops bending and distort. Instead, it becomes tamed and the brush itself looks like a brand new one. A conditioner has to be put on the fluffy applicator, left there for 10-15 minutes and rinsed gently.

5. Colourless lip balm

If for some reason your lip balm doesn’t match your lips, don’t throw it away but use it instead of an eyebrow gel. Not only will it help shaping the eyebrows but also it will nourish the little hair.

Moreover, a colourless lip balm will perfectly nourish and regenerate the exceptionally dehydrated body parts of yours. To illustrate, you can use it as an elbow or heel stick. Your fingernail cuticles will also gain pretty looks if you start treating them with a lip balm regularly.

6. Eyeshadows

You can mix the shades you don’t like with a colourless nail polish. Thanks to this, you will create a completely new and unusual colour of a product to coat your fingernails. Moreover, some shades may change their purpose to serve as a highlighter, a bronzer or a blusher.

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