Cellular Power Charge Night from La Prairie for wrinkles

La Prairie brand can take care of our face, this is obvious. Some of you might ask how it is possible? his exclusive product simply smooths fine lines, highlights discolourations and improves cell renewal processes. And all these can be obtained due to a special ingredient known as retinol. What is this precious substance in particular? In short, retinol is a derivative of A vitamin, which is also known as the vitamin of youth. It is powerful enough to delay and decrease all signs of skin fatigue and regulates the proper work of dermis cells in terms of their growth and functioning. What is more, A vitamin helps with fighting against acne and acne marks. To make long story short, this substance is widely-used in cosmetology and dermatology. Retinol, in turn, positively influences density of dermis, counteracts harmful working of solar radiation and maintains appropriate hydration level of skin. Furthermore, retinol is able to regulate sebum production as well.

Retinol included in Cellular Power Charge Night from La Prairie works alike. It helps us with restoring youthful look, smooths skin and protects from harmful and devastating working of external aggressors. Additionally, this derivative of A vitamin works with redoubled strength since the cosmetic has to be applied evening. And as it is widely known, skin regenerates mostly at night, whereas, all substances applied at this time are absorbed better.

Cellular Power Charge Night from La Prairie has to be put only on cleansed and dry face skin. You can apply two layers of the cosmetic if you want to. The product is absorbed quickly, does not leave oily stains on face and does not cause irritations. In fact, the only drawback of the cosmetic is its exorbitant price.

Cellular Power Charge Night from La Prairie can be recognized by its silver package decorated with a blue stripe. The capacity of the bottle equals 40 ml. What is more, the product can be distributed due to the pump dispenser. Such a solution facilitates easy application and prevents spoiling the cosmetic by bacteria and contaminates that might have get into the package.

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