Beauty myths you probably believe in naively

The cosmetic producers are continuously outstripping one another at inventing products of exceptional features. A lipstick that enlarges lips? A mascara influencing eyelash growth? Unfortunately, all of these promises are just a pack of lies. Therefore, if you want to stay away from this kind of beauty myths, read the text and your next shopping will be extremely successful.

Body shaping balms burn off fat?

If you believe in cosmetics reducing fat tissue then you can’t be more wrong. Such balms don’t burn off fat and in no way are they able to affect the tissue. Besides, they don’t have the ability to penetrate deep into the body. Instead, they can work on the skin’s surface making it more supple, firm and moisturised. And thanks to this, you consider your belly and thigs as becoming smaller and slimmer. Similar case can be connected to the breasts. They will never become bigger just because of being regularly covered with a some magical cream. What might happen to them is the changes in skin appearance – it becomes more tauten and smooth, but that’s all. If you really want to lose some weight just stop being lazy and go to the gym and cut on eating sweets.

Does an anti-wrinkle cream exist?

The truth is that we don’t know that yet. What we do know is that the creams widely available in drug stores don’t make wrinkles disappear. So what’s their action?! Such products moisturise skin, slow down appearance of new wrinkles and highlight complexion. All the products featuring the ‘anti-ageing’ inscription are recommended as a prophylactic measure only. Undoubtedly, they contain many active substances but none of them will smooth skin and turn back time. This kind of creams contain collagen, algae, coenzyme Q10 and many other hydrating substances.

‘Safe’ natural cosmetics

Are natural cosmetics 100% safe? It appears that not necessarily. They are believed to trigger allergic reactions in the same degree as regular products containing chemical ingredients that are available in shops. It’s worth realizing that natural cosmetics are made from substances either of vegetable or mineral origins. In the light of this, if you are an allergy sufferer or if your skin is irritation-prone then before you decide to apply a natural cosmetic, run an allergy test first. Choose a part of your body that isn’t that visible as your face and apply there the cosmetic you want to test for allergy. If after 48 hours your skin doesn’t develop any weird-looking changes, you are free to use the product on the daily basis.

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