Hair removing sugar paste – how to prepare and use it?

Certainly, there are plenty of practical methods for having smooth body. Fortunately, not only body scrubs and cosmetic butters, which are definitely the most popular products to do so, are responsible for making our skin silky. In fact, fairly good idea is also application of homemade sugar paste. Read and learn how to prepare the product and how to use it.

Why the sugar paste is way better than any other hair removing techniques? Certainly, a throwaway razors are regarded as obsolete. The blades may cause irritations and sometimes simply cut skin. Besides, these become blunt fairly fast and cut hair instead of removing it with the roots. Obviously, this is the very reason why women have to shave every day. When it comes to the sugar paste, it can successfully compete with a depilatory. Both methods remove unwanted hair and the effect of smooth skin lasts even up to four weeks. However, the cost of buying and maintaining the depilatory is much higher than preparing the sugar paste. Obviously, we have to take into consideration use of electricity or a battery, possible damages of the device and continuous cleaning of hair removing heads. If taken a closer look, it appears that the sugar paste is much better than wax. Why? Because it does not irritate and is able to remove even the tiniest hair. What is more, the sugar paste hair removal is way less painful and cheaper than the one performed with the use of wax. After all, we can prepare it on our own at home.

Basically, the sugar paste can be prepared in two ways, with or without water. Prepare: a glass of sugar, one and a half glass of water and juice of a half of a lemon. Boil the water in a saucepan and then add the sugar and the lemon juice. Stir till the sugar gets dissolved completely. Cook the mixture on low heat for about 40 minutes and stir from time to time. When the mixture gets amber colour and has short period of getting cooled down, then you can be sure that your homemade sugar paste is ready to use. Next, pour it into a bowl, knead the substance and put it on your skin. Section small pieces off from the whole mass which you remove the hair with.

Here is the version of the sugar paste made without water. Prepare 1/3 kg of sugar, juice squeezed out from two lemons and glycerin bought in a pharmacy. Cook the sugar and the lemon juice on low heat till the mixture gets brown. When the mass cools down, add glycerin. The manner of use of the sugar paste regardless its composition (with or without water) is alike.

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