What do lashes like? – care schedule, best products, reviews

So small yet so important…

For a woman, eyelashes are what a canvas is for a painter.

Without beautiful and healthy lashes, no makeup will ever look good. 

Therefore, women want to take care of eyelashes so much and carefully follow the latest news about their care.

What do lashes like most? How to take care of them?
Is it possible to regenerate eyelashes in just a few weeks?

What do lashes like – a lash care guidebook 

1. Makeup removal – always gentle 

Lashes do not like to be pulled or rubbed, therefore, the makeup removal must always be gentle. A good eye makeup remover should dissolve the cosmetics and get rid of them by wiping the skin gently with a soaked cotton pad. Also, such a product should contain eyelash conditioning ingredients. 

2. Eyelash serum – beautifies and strengthens

Nowadays, boosting lash growth and increasing their length is no longer an issue thanks to one cosmetic – an eyelash serum. This is a comfortable and non-invasive way to enjoy full, long and strong lashes. How does it work? The product owes its great effectiveness to the ability to penetrate the inner structures and reaching the lash bulbs. This way, the product boosts eyelash growth and stimulates even dormant bulbs. The effects are spectacular: lashes become longer, thicker, stronger, darker and grow faster. Thanks to a top-rated lash serum, your lashes will be conditioned within a few weeks with a treatment done in the comfort of your own home. 

3. A good-quality mascara – conditions lashes 

Eyelash serum is a wonderful cosmetic. It’s good, however, if the mascara also contains substances that take care of lashes. A good mascara is one that has been composed of high-quality ingredients and that in addition to the substances responsible for viscosity and colour contains substances that strengthen eyelashes along their entire length. Many women claim that the differences between a good and a bad mascara can be seen immediately. The best mascaras have silicone brushes – which comb the hair instead of tugging them.

4. Proper diet – they key to reinforcing lashes from within 

It’s been known for ages that the things we eat have a significant influence not only on the way we feel, but also on the way we look. Therefore, A well-balanced diet will improve our beauty because it provides the cells with valuable vitamins and minerals. It works the same in the case of lashes as well – the better lifestyle you lead, the stronger, and more beautiful your eyelashes, hair and skin will be.