My hair is damaged! What to do? How to regenerate it?

What is the most common hair-related problem in the network? “I have damaged hair, but I do not want to trim it.” The following article is an answer to the question of what to do to regenerate hair and restore its health and beauty.

Hair damaged

Most often, when we talk about damaged hair, we think of split, rough, dull and brittle strands. And that’s correct. Damaged hair does not look good and is very weak. This is most often due to improper care, too frequent straightening of the hair or regular bleaching without appropriate safety measures. Although these are not the only reasons. Hair is also damaged by the sun, frost or excessive moisture.

Determining hair porosity may also be helpful in adjusting the proper care. In this case, it is simple, because damaged hair is always highly porous. It means that it loses hydration and valuable nutrients very quickly.

How to care for damaged hair?

It is not easy to regenerate highly porous hair, because many damages cannot be repaired. The first step should be cutting the ends. It’s best to cut as much as it is necessary to get rid of split and burned hair – sometimes it can be up to 15 centimetres. Only then, you start proper treatment. You can be sure that the ingredients supplied will not escape too quickly from the inside.

Damaged hair needs moisturizing ingredients that should be supplied not only with conditioners and masks, but also with food. Water is essential to hair as well! Just like the restoring and strengthening substances. High porosity hair will like protein masks and cosmetics rich in humectants.

Properly moisturized and nourished hair needs to be secured in order to preserve everything that we have provided. It’s time for hair oiling, which is a natural care treatment perfect for damaged hair. It enriches it with valuable vitamins and minerals, prevents the loss of optimal hydration, protects against harmful agents, soothes irritations, increases shine and softness. Selecting the right oil is the key to success.

In this case, the best hair oil is, for example, cottonseed oil (to protect the ends), argan oil (to regenerate and provide thermal protection), flaxseed oil (to prevent frizz), burdock oil (to inhibit hair loss), raspberry oil (to nourish and strengthen).