How to darken hair naturally? 10 proven methods

Some people like o bleach their hair while others prefer darkening their natural colour, making it saturated and radiant. Below you will find ten best methods of tinting your hair dark in the comfort of your own home. Will you try them yourself?

Sometimes the thought of changing our hair colour randomly comes to our mind. A bit darker hair could look better, especially since the summer sun has already weakened its natural colour and taken away its shine. What to do when we do not have enough courage to dye the hair permanently? We can use homemade hair darkening methods – without chemicals, no harm to the hair, no additional cosmetics. Many of them have been successfully used for many generations. Discover the methods that have been considered the most effective. Darkening your hair at home can be easy!

1. Coffee hair rinse

Coffee is known for its anti-cellulite properties, but only few people know that it can also darken the skin and hair. If you can make a natural self-tanner with it, you can also use it to darken your hair. Coffee hair rinse is easy to prepare and yet, it is very effective. We need only a few tablespoons of strong, ground coffee and less than a litre (about 700 ml) of water. First of all, brew the coffee, cool it down and rinse freshly washed hair with it. You do not have to wash it again – just gently remove the towel and leave to air-dry.

2. Walnut shell hair rinse 

The source of valuable fatty acids, which can also be used to darken hair, are of course walnuts. You can eat the nut and put the shell into boiling water and cook it covered for about half an hour. Once you see the water turn dark brown, strain the shells and leave the liquid aside to cool down. This is a simple way is to get a darkening hair rinse in which we can soak the hair for 5-10 minutes after each washing. Walnuts not only darken but also nourish the hair, which is why we can gain several benefits from one treatment.

3. Sage and nettle hair rinse 

Hair tinting with the use of herbs is also popular, but it is a method designed only for healthy hair. Unfortunately, herbs – despite all their valuable properties – tend to dry out the hair. The best herbs-based rinses that darken hair use sage and nettle. Just infuse a handful of dried nettle and the same amount of sage under a cover, pouring it with a litre of boiling water. After 15 minutes, you can drain the infusion and after cooling it down, rinse the freshly washed hair. It’s a good method of darkening your hair, but it works slowly and requires patience.

4. Oak bark hair rinse 

For darkening the hair at home, the oak bark is also highly recommended. You do not have to go to the forest and rip off trees, because dried and shredded oak bark can be bought in pharmacies and herbal stores. This makes the task easier, because it is enough to boil a small handful of dried bark in a liter of water, drain and wait for it to cool down. And your homemade hair rinse is ready. It doesn’t just darken the hair, it is also recommended as a natural way for straight hair.

5. Black turnip juice

Natural black turnip juice has very interesting properties when it comes to darkening the hair. It is best to use it as a rinsing solution without diluting it with water. It is a vitamin bomb that not only improves the colour of the strands but also combats dandruff, reduces hair oiliness and accelerates its growth. Where to get the black turnip juice? There are several ways. We can grind the raw turnip on the grater and squeeze the juice, eg through gauze. Juicer owners will have an easier task. The black turnip hair rinse is great with the addition of castor oil or kerosene. You can also pour alcohol over small pieces of turnip in a ratio of 1: 5 – after two weeks you will obtain a perfect scalp lotion.

6. Castor oil

Also, oiling hair can help us achieve your dreamy hair shade. Castor oil will be the best solution – it is cheap, effective and very efficient. Apply a bit of castor oil to your fingertips and rub into the scalp. Leave it in for a minimum of half an hour or throughout the night, and then wash your hair as always. Although we do not notice the effects right away, it’s worth trying. Castor oil is a well-known remedy for scalp problems. After a few times, your hair will start to grow stronger, thicker, longer, as well as more shiny and darker.

7. Rosemary hair rinse

If you were wondering how to darken hair at-home, you should also try out the rosemary. Brewed in boiling water, drained and cooled down will work wonders. This is another herbal hair rinse that will darken the hair provided that it will be used regularly. Rosemary rubbed into the scalp also stimulates hair growth because it improves skin microcirculation. Therefore, we darken the hair naturally, using only herbs found in the kitchen.

8. Hop hair rinse

Beer and hop cones for hair are one of the most interesting ideas that can be liked by gentlemen. Hops positively affect the hair. It is especially recommended for weak, greasy and thinning hair. It is enough to boil 1-2 handfuls of hops in a litre of water, and after cooling it down, use this brew as a hair rinse. Hops naturally restore the hair’s glow, deepen the colour and add softness.

9. Amla oil

The women of India also have their own ways to darken the hair. The first association – henna. It is perfect for dyeing hair in a natural way, but if we are thinking of a more subtle darkening, we can reach for amla oil. Cold-pressed gooseberry oil is a wealth of nutrients that strengthen the bulbs. Amla inhibits hair loss, accelerates hair growth, smoothes and adds shine, and gives the desirable but still a side effect of darkening the hair. However, bear in mind that to get the best results, it must be used regularly.

10. Black tea hair rinse

The simplest hair rinse that darkens the strands is the one made on the basis of black tea. How to prepare it? It’s nothing difficult. Simply brew very strong tea (either bags or leaves) in more or less a litre of water. Do not sweeten it because it’s not for drinking, but to use it for the hair. After cooling it down, strain the dregs and rinse the hair after each wash. After a few weeks, the colour of your hair will be refreshed and enhanced.

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